PICCP’s First Battle: Practice Battle With LGA

It’s a good day to be a comrade!

You guys have made a hungover girl proud today. We’ve been looking forward to this battle for the past week and I was starting to think it would never come, but it did, and we went at them swinging! There are a few things we could improve and the Lime Green Army was very fast, but overall we did fantastic. At some points we even outnumbered them. We maxed 11 and averaged 9, and all those who attended have received a promotion. You guys are the best, I love you all! We don’t have any events tomorrow because… HALLOWEEN! Thank you LGA for being our first opponent, you were amazing!

Happy Halloween!


PIC Commander in Chief

Costume Party: A Big Bruh Moment

Heya Spooky Comrades!

Today we logged onto our favourite Sleet on Club Penguin Rewritten for an awesome costume party. As soon as the clock hit :00 we all switched to our costumes and you all looked amazing! We had a lot of fun and did some great tactics, some being led by our very own troops! 11 people showed up and we averaged 9-10 which is great. We have more fun events coming up so look out for that, and our most important event of the week is tomorrow at the same time, our first battle with the Lime Green Army! Congratulations to RAMSES on his promotion to Lance Corporal, his enthusiasm and effort really invigorated the team. The PIC is definitely the best community, I love you all!

I love y’all!


PIC Commander in Chief

Introduction of Rockstar1819

P.S.: I haven’t made up my mind while writing this. However, despite this impromptus post; I have yet to introduce myself. I hope you al least bear with me.

In actuality, I am a proud veteran of Club Penguin armies of 5 years. Coming back surely brings alot of memories. But these moments—frozen in time are like artifacts treasured in preservation of history. What I love about this community is being in various armies and making new friends. This stint, at present, seems a new hope for me after 2 years of being retired. Despite this, I never given in hopes of discovering more. Craving for more, seeking a forseeable opportunity in this new breathtaking adventure.

Brief history:

I joined the Army of Club Penguin as a Private somewhere around Christmas of 2013, or New Year’s of 2014. Seems quite a bit nostalgic, ey? My first run in CPA was memorable. Joining ACP was the best choice I had. Unfortunately, I was inactive until July of 2014 when I began my journey then later on, a moderator. Adjusting in these new times weren’t so easy back then unlike now. Then, joined Teutons, lead by Earthing and Brigade3 at the time; as a moderator and later HICOM in their first incarnation until November 2014 when they merged with Rebel Penguin Federation and as a Colonel, lowest mod rank at the time. However, I left RPF to focus on ACP as a 3rd in command and those 6 months were really sweet; a dream of mine achieved and retiring June 2015. Despite being retired during the latter half of the year. I briefly joined Water Vikings as 3ic although again left. In October of 2016 for a second run as once again 3ic, haha. Co-lead along with Jet Nugget (An ACP Vet and Legend like me) under the leadership of Super Edwin/Holly8857 and King Mondo7. One of the most awesome stints I had personally and retired during the closure of Club Penguin. My rank at this time was ACP AUSIA Divisional leader, 8th and its final leader. Two years passed on and here I am now rejoining for a third stint as your PIC 2ic. The rest as they say is history.

What do you think about the performance we had lastweek?

Awesome. I don’t have any words to day aside from moving forward. Just like life, we should keep going. This is just the new beginning of a new chapter and you’re a part of my story. Hence, you are reason why I made this kind of post. Keep up the good work! We could do better and fight or our cause. We could avert disaster if the will to keep on is strong! Until then.

-Silhouette/Rockstar1819, PIC Commissar, Gobernadorcillo of Below Zero

PIC Chris Hansen Crew

I’d like to take a moment to announce our elite strike team, the Chris Hansen Crew. Only the most loyal and devoted Chris Hansen followers can join. We will be conducting numerous attacks on Club Penguin predators with unimaginable force.

‘Take a seat, comrade.’

Thank you and have a nice day.

The Acquisition and Transfer of Husky

Hello friends!

We, the the people of the Confederation Workers Party, logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten (as CPATG was still down) to gain control of the server Husky. We performed admirably, maxing 10 and averaging 8. Our tactics began slow and uncoordinated, but once we began doing fast paced tactics our troops were impeccable. Fantastic work comrades! Remember to attend our Costume Party at 9:00 PM EST for some good fun, and our first ever practice battle with the Lime Green Army on Tuesday!

Furthermore, in accordance to a prior agreement, the People’s Imperial Confederation has transferred the servers Husky and Frostbite to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. We have established an everlasting friendship, and we intend to be hosting seasonal tournaments between the two armies with a communist theme. I’m looking forward to what the future has in store for us!

Well done, comrades!


PIC Commander in Chief

Great Triumph; Parka Acquired!

Greetings, Friends.

Every day, you make the command prouder and prouder, as your dedication to the People’s Cause and good tactics go a long way in securing a better place for this army and, indeed, the overall CP Warfare Community! We conquered Parka via a proxy location, and we may have secured a new soldier, at least as a loyalist within the server of Sleet! Anyhow, we also visited out dear leader’s well-designed igloo midway through the event, and we had a blast overall. Thanks to all who showed up! Also, I am finally getting close to working on our Organizing Principles paper, too!

My real-life schedule is about to get busier, by the way, but alas, I will always be here whenever I can, and you guys will have a greater High Command overall, even when I am not here! Long live the Red Cause, and Viva the People! 🙂

Until next time, take care, Friends!

The Confederation Seizes Below Zero

Hello everyone!

Today we logged onto Sleet on Club Penguin Rewritten (because the Club Penguin Armies: The Game website was down) to take control of the server Below Zero! Needless to say we took the server unopposed, although we could definitely perform better in the future in terms of tactics and attendance. We maxed 10 and averaged 8. Thank you to those who attended, all of you recruits have been awarded with a promotion! Don’t forget to check our upcoming events.

Well done comrades!


PIC Commander in Chief

AUSIA Invasion Of Toboggan [RESULTS]

Hello Comrades!

Today we conducted the second invasion in our history, this time of the server Toboggan. We hurled ourselves onto Club Penguin Armies: The Game to continue our great expansion for the masses, by the masses! We were once again unopposed, and Toboggan is now a part of our grand empire. We maxed 8 with an average of 7. We’ll be invading many more servers in the next week. For the Confederation!

Until next time, friends!


PIC Commander in Chief

Viva Victory! Great Work!

Greetings, Friends.

Well, what can I say, fine PIC patriots? We did wonderful today throughout our training event on CPR’s Sleet! We maxed a little over 10 soldiers at certain points, and we averaged at least 8-9 throughout. You all did spectacular work of following orders, and our morale has never been as high as of now! A reward system is coming soon to an army near you, as well! 😉




Oh, and by the way, we AGAIN ended an event with helping a ragtag faction of drillers TIP THE ICE BERG once more. See, we do care about the masses!

An official post detailing PIC’s socialist guiding principles is soon to be published, as well! Stay tuned for more information on it. 🙂

Until next time, take care, Friends!