US War Training Event!

Hey there Comrades!

For today’s event, we logged onto Toboggan CPR and had an exciting war training! We began in the Mine Interior then made our way to the Cove and finally ended up in our Sergeant Major Alanna’s igloo. We were able to max 10 in total. Well done everyone, thank you to whoever showed up. Have a great day, PIC.


Lorax Event!

Hola Comrades!

Today, we logged onto Toboggan CPR for a fun Lorax event. We all were orange and had silly mustaches on! We began at the Iceburg and moved to the Cove for the second room and finally ended up at the Beach. Our troops did amazing with tactics and we were able to max 14! I love you all so much!


On The Front Lines – The First Battle

My Beloved Comrades,

Today we embarked on a mission of justice and honor. The ACP, Chaos Army of CP aswell as many of their small conglomerates had declared war on our closest ally the RPF. We decided that we would side with honor and justice and stand at their side today. Immediately we issued a declaration of war beating them to the punch, for once in our history WE set the terms and WE came out ahead. We logged onto Tuxedo to help our RPF brothers. We fought through technical difficulties, overwhelming odds to help our comrades retain their beloved capital and put us on the righteous side of history. Whether it be beating the PZF and OMA out of the room, or facing the much larger Chaos Army we did not falter. We stood strong as we always do and battled our heart out with courage and commitment.


Max: 10
Average: 8

Commander in Chief

The War of Red Retribution – Declaration Of War On The Army of Club Penguin (World War Rewritten)

Greetings Comrades.

Today is a historic day for the Confederation, as it is the first time in our history that we declare war. The People’s Imperial Confederation hereby declare war on the Army of Club Penguin.

Our closest ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation, has waged war on the ACP, and as allies we are bound to each other. We will stand firmly beside our brothers in black, as we face a nemesis that once sought to eradicate the Confederation in its early days. This war is not one of revenge but of brotherhood with our Rebel allies. However, it goes without saying:

Remember The Lighthouse, ACP.

To the Army of Club Penguin with love.


  • Allies allowed.
  • Invasions must have 24 hour notice.
  • No dual enlistment.

Declaration Of War Signed,

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief



US Tactic Training Event!

Good day Comrades!

Today, the PIC logged into Toboggan and held a tactic training event. We began at the Ice Rink then moved on to the Dock and the Mine. Our troops performed tactics wonderfully, making for another successful training event where we maxed 13! Well done everyone! Stay safe out there and have a great day. Love you all!


Hula Skirt Event!

Aloha Comrades!

We logged onto Toboggan CPR today for an awesome Hula Skirt Event! We all dressed up in hula skirts and danced our way through the event! We started off in the Iceburg and then moved to Cove and our last room was the Ice Rink. We maxed 12 and averaged 11. Thank you to whoever came, don’t forget to wash your hands and be safe! Love you all.


[EU] Recruiting Session

Zdravstvuj Comrades,

Today the PIC logged onto Zipline, CPR for a recruiting session! We maxed 12 during and averaged 11 throughout the event, spreading the word on our wonderful community and making friends along the way! Thank you to everyone who attended, if we keep working our community will continue to flourish!!! For the people!!!

Commander in Chief

PICCP Fashion Show!

Good day Comrades!

Today, the Confederation logged onto Toboggan for our PICCP Fashion Show! We began the show by dressing up in our favorite colors which resulted in NarcEmo being the first round winner! We played many rounds and had plenty of interesting themes, such as “Wacky Friday” and “Karens”. We maxed 14 and averaged 12-13. Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you all for attending! I love you all!

Emma/Lunch Room


Penguin Patrol Event!

Good day fellow Comrades!

Today, we logged on to Toboggan for a Penguin Patrol Event! We maxed a total of 12 and averaged around 11! I appreciate everyone who was able to come out and have fun with us at today’s event! Our first room was Iceburg, then our second was the Ice Rink and we ended it off in the Mine Interior! Unfortunately, today we got raided again, but we’ll always continue and never back down! Love you all!