Flying High to Recruiting Success on Sleet! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends,

Well, after a bit of time lapse between my last address to you all and now, I say: good day! I just briefly wanted to check in with you all and report that we, in these grayer times, have come through with what looks like a victory on CPR’s Sleet! We had a jolly old time just chilling with the locals and making new friends on our waddling flying experience this evening! During the occasion, the PIC maxed about 9 or 10 revolutionaries and averaged about 6 or 7.


A special shutout to our dear comrade Tyler for leading the last 10 or 15 minutes of this event! Also, many thanks to Games for attending quite a few events lately as a trusted ally to the masses! I love and respect you all to no end. 🙂 I hope you have a great remainder to your school years, if I don’t speak here until then! FOR THE PEOPLE, PROGRESS ULTIMATELY PREVAILS! 😀

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


[28th May 2020] EU Training Event!

Hello Comrades!

Today was yet another fantastic event for the EU training event. We maxed six, which may have been low for an event, but those who attended proved to us all that the few are the proud and the most resolute. With good speed in formation tactics and rapid response times, the results were quite a remarkable sight. As has been said in the past, and continues to stand true, big or small… we stand tall. Thanks for attending comrades.



[EU] Group Band Parade

Hello Comrades!
Today we logged onto Zipline, CPR for our Band/Guitar parade! We enjoyed going around several rooms such as the beach, cove and forest! Many of us felt a bit weird after the break days but we came back strong with a max of 6 comrades! Thanks everybody for attending and congratulations PIC for obtaining 1 recruit during this event!

Lizzie – PIC Kommandant

Challengers Cup Finals Results

Greetings Comrades

We went head to head against Pizza Federation (PZF) in the finals on Saturday, May 23rd 2020. During the whole battle, it was neck and neck and despite of us having a higher max, PZF took the victory with a 1-0-2. I’d like to thank all of the armies we went up against, you all did amazing and gave us good experience. I would also like to thank CPAM for allowing us to compete in this tournament. Thank you so much for this and we hope to be invited to any future tournaments you host. Throughout this tournament, we were able to get a max of 26, that’s the highest we’ve ever maxed. I know in the future, we will get that max again and be able to get the trophy in another tournament. I’m so grateful for being able to lead alongside Sidie and Emma throughout this time. I appreciate you both, for all of the things you’ve done. You both did amazing leading in this tournament. Thank you to whoever came, you’re all stars in your own way. Let’s continue to grow and get stronger as time goes on. I love all of you.

Commander in Cheif

US Hide and Seek Event!

Greetings Comrades!

Today, we logged onto CPATG again for a exciting Hide and Seek event! We did a couple rounds and enjoyed spending time with eachother before our big battle tomorrow! We maxed 10 at this event! Thanks to the people who came! Love you guys

Commander in Cheif

Training Event

Good day Comrades!

Today, we logged onto Toboggan (CPATG) for a training for tomorrows finals tournament battle against PZF. We went to rooms like Docks, Forest and Stadium. We had a max of 7 penguins. Special shout out to Tymatt for leading the last room amazingly. Love you all and thank you to whoever came! Let’s show PZF who’s boss and win tomorrow! FOR THE PEOPLE!

Their dough do be kinda soft doe-

Commander in Cheif

CPAM Challengers Cup Semi-Finals: PIC vs Crimson Guardians [VICTORY!]

Hello Comrades!

Today was an important day for the Confederation. We fought in the CPAM Challengers Cup Semi-Finals against the Crimson Guardians, the former army of Commander Phoebe. We maxed 18 troops and averaged 16-17 throughout. The battle was close, resulting in two ties and our victory in the final room, the Ice Rink. We fought valiantly throughout the tournament and will soon face off against the Pizza Federation in the final battle of the Challengers Cup! This has been an amazing opportunity for us and we are grateful to all who made this an amazing battle! I would also like to commend Crimson Guardians for their vigor in this battle. For the People!

Commander in Chief

Challengers Cup Training

Greetings Comrades!

Today, we logged onto Wool Socks (CPATG) for a fun tournament training! We prepared, with a max of 12, for our battle against Crimson Guardians tomorrow. Our first room was the Cove, second was the Forest, where Admiral Lizzie praised her rock again. Finally, our last room was the Pet Shop! Thank you to everyone who came! Don’t forget about our battle tomorrow, let’s show CG what we’re made of!

Commander in Chief

Invasion of Belly Slide!

Hello Comrades!

Today, we logged onto Belly Slide (CPATG) for a free land invasion! We maxed 9 troops in total. Our first room was the Stadium, second was the Iceburg and finally the last room was the Box Dimension! Thank you to whoever logged on and a special thank you to our Kommandant, Noob, for leading some of it!

Commander in Chief

CPAM Challengers Cup: PIC vs Aliens [VICTORY]

Greetings Confederates!

Today has been perhaps one of the most historic days in the Confederation’s history. We logged onto Klondike on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, facing one of PIC’s greatest challenges yet. Never have we fought in a tournament before, and we recognized that CPAM’s Challengers Cup is our time to prove ourselves as a formidable force in the community. That is exactly what we did. After an impressive battle fought between PZF and LGA, as well as a great performance by CG and CC, we faced off against the Aliens of Club Penguin. We fought with all our might and performed greater than anyone could have expected. We absolutely decimated our fair opponent, maxing 21, averaging 20-21 throughout. This perhaps the greatest battle and event in PIC history. We will be facing the valiant Crimson Guardians in the next round of the tournament. Let’s show them we mean business. Viva Victory! We will never slow down.

The Confederation will never slow down. This is our time. For the people!

Commander in Chief