The Document of Contrition

Greetings Confederates and members of the Recon Federation.

Before our Violinist March today, RFCP Commander Prior Bumble approached the Confederate commanders, as well as General-polkovnik Proditor and Kommissar Atttai. After a discussion with Prior Bumble and members of his High Command, it has been decided that the People’s Imperial Confederation will hereby apologize to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, ending the RFCP raids of Confederate events.

After debating whether or not a rock can be considered a document, the People’s Imperial Confederation signed the Document of Contrition, which is displayed below:

The Confederation representatives have signed this document sincerely and stand by every word written in stone. With this document the raids will conclude, and we hope it will cease hostilities as we move forward from this. The Confederation apologizes to the Recon Federation.

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief

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