No Xing, I Am Not Going Back to Templars

Now that we have gotten that out of the way:

A post like this is long overdue considering the Templars have had it out for the People’s Imperial Confederation since the dawn of our third generation, shortly after my promotion to Commander-in-Chief back in January. We certainly can’t forget last year when Templars assaulted our army during a period of recovery while Sidie9 was on leave.

More recently: After a period of intense aggression in February, Templars declared war on our army because Xing was salty I wouldn’t return as leader. (you’d think he would have given up after I ignored months worth of “when are you coming back” DMs but nah he was persistent)

including this old screenshot because the timing was hilarious

We chose to ignore this war entirely considering PIC was newly revived and we did not want to expose our young troops to their disgusting behavior. However, this came with consequences with both our server and events being raided by TCP members. Along with this, they harassed us and created racist images of our army graphics.

Our feelings of anger towards the Templars and Xing are justified considering many of us here in PIC have been harassed by Xing and his @Squire @Squire @Squire’s (sorry I don’t have room for 50 more pings) in some way shape or form. I wish this was purely political but they have made it personal time and time again, as they do best.

With that said, let me introduce a fun new segment on the PIC website!

Templars Toxic Actions Towards PIC Members: Highlights

Xing calling our former leader the F slur because he didn’t like the battle results
Echo attacking me for being female and for being abused! (how fun!)
TCP insulting our newly revived army (wasn’t the first time)
TCP raiding our event (we added them to our max so I wasn’t too mad)
TCP raiding a tournament battle with NSFW content (minors were present)

Moving on:

As a former leader of Templars, I know more than most that their controversies will never end because no one in power sees an issue with it. An edgy sense of humor can be tolerated by most but Templars leadership have crossed too many lines and too many people have been hurt/wronged as a result of their behaviors. Templars hide behind a façade of religion and “holiness”, but in reality they are the least holy army in all of CPA. No amount of “crusades” and bible verses can justify their treatment towards others.

PIC has worked to maintain peace between ourselves and other armies which is why we have ignored each one of Templars attempts to anger us. However, their recent harassment towards organizations and members of other armies have motivated us to no longer be passive towards their toxicity. After hearing of the war between SWAT and Templars and the common ground we share, we decided as an army to finally speak out.

The People’s Imperial Confederation officially declares support for SWAT in their fight against Templars toxic behaviors. We officially declare Templars an enemy to the Confederation due to their actions towards us and other members of the community. We formally invite PIC members to assist SWAT in their fight against harassers and bullies.

ok back to retirement I go

PIC Chairwoman and Former Commander-in-Chief

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