Instrumental PICCP Event!

Hello PIC members and non-members, I hope you are having a great day. Anyways today we logged on to CPR for our Instrumental PICCP event! Although there wasn’t much instrumental going on we still had an amazing amount fun with Supreme doing most of the tactics, and me and Pie stepping in for a couple. We maxed the amazing number of 15 a number comparable to some of our best maxes!!! We had very fluent and quick movements, some of our best for sure and did fun tactics not done many times before. One last thing before I go, R.IP PZF you were a great ally and I wish all your members the best. I hope you enjoyed the event if you came and have a great day!

PIC Yellow Parade!

Hello PIC members and non-members I hope you’re having a great time. Anyways Peoples Imperial Confederation held a Yellow Parade today! With no commanders present at the event it may have seemed like the event would flop but miraculously our moderators and High-command pulled through and made the event fun for everyone, even regular members helping out too! We maxed an amazing number of 13 people joining us. Everyone was very fluent and quick with their tactics and formations. I’m very proud of you all and I hope you have a good day!!