[AUSIA] CPR Training Event

Hello! Today we held a training event on Club Penguin Rewritten. Originally, we were supposed to have a war battle with the Post Malone Army, but we learned right around when the battle was supposed to start that it was cancelled. I told everyone to log off once this news came about, but quickly soon after, since practice makes perfect, I decided to call everyone back onto Crystal, Club Penguin Rewritten, for a training event. During this event, we achieved a max of 8.

Thank you to those who attended and thank you to those who took event pictures.

Capture The Flag Event With Smart Penguins

Today we logged on to Abominable, Club Penguin Rewritten, to have a fun event with our Smart Penguins allies! We had a quick practice battle in the Stadium and had two rounds of Capture The Flag! During the practice battle, we tried using big word bubbles, a thing which I have never really lead during my vast army career. We also did a few fun emote tactics. Plus, we tried bunching in certain parts of the room while doing big word bubble/emote tactics. In my view, we did pretty well! Tangerine was our flag during the Capture The Flag portion of today’s event, and she must have been hiding really well because we won both rounds! During today’s event we achieved a max of 6.

I would like to give a special thanks to the Smart Penguins for letting us have this event with them! ❤

“CABIN” spam big word bubbles

Thanks for taking these screenshots, Sarus!

Until next time,