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Phoenix Rising: The People’s Confederation is Resurgent:

Hello, Friends!

Because I personally love Pokemon so much, I’m going to preface this hopefully-profound recollection and proud moment with a few collectivist-inspired lines otherwise taken directly from Gotta Catch ‘Em All:

Every challenge along the way
With courage we will face
We will battle every day
To claim our rightful place

Come with us, the time is right
There’s no better team
On and on we’ll win the fight
It’s always been our dream

And, heck, yeah, after some days of contemplation and preparation, which truly was made possible by the renewed spirit and positive energy given by you all to us and each other, the People’s Imperial Confederation emerged from charred shadows. The once seemingly insurmountable strike from oblivion’s lair finally retreated. Expanding beyond the valley of obscurity upwards to the mountains of fortitude and greatness, we have again pushed forward for a more-wholesome and enjoyable community to be shared by all, here and elsewhere. With appreciation to our beloved comrades and allies everywhere in and around the army network, and intrinsic hearts of happiness, we reopened our our gates on a monumentally-bright note. The PIC, we believe, was meant for resounding glory throughout this cyber-society. The Phoenix of the People is resurgent and soon to be ascendant. Will you join us for the online adventure of a lifetime, counterparts?

(Found from https://www.team-bhp.com/forum/attachments/test-drives-initial-ownership-reports/2032335d1595188627t-phoenix-rising-back-ashes-our-2020-hyundai-creta-sx-ivt-review-phoenix.jpg)
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Find Four Tournament! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends!

After a prolonged hiatus, my calling to posting has been resurrected, it seems! Yes, somehow, the baton was handed to me after so many weeks, or months, or gosh however long it was. So, in more-relevant news, of course, I will just briefly describe our Find Four Toboggan Tournament from earlier today. 🙂 Essentially, five loyal followers of the Communo-Confederate Cause made it to that CPR locale around 3 PM EST for a splendid little competition in the Ski Lodge! We had a lighthearted exchange of battle plans throughout the Find Four Clash, it would seem, and alas, sadly, only one soldier, Xgthrecgtejm, could ultimately prevail to make it to the final win. A special shout out to Maya, who very nearly, with creativity, defeated Xg earlier on in the last game! Anyways, congratulations to all who showed up, and you all had fine tactics (no pun intended…) throughout our brotherly battle! Narc, Maya, Void, and Emma, along with all of the PIC, you are loved and cherished every single day. ❤


Until next time, take care, Friends!



P.S. A SECONDARY shout-out to Narc, one of the community’s finest picture acquirers of all time! 😀

We Rise as One! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Comrades!

On this fine EST evening, we held a you-lead tactics session on Toboggan, of the CPATG CPPS. All in all, while it was a smaller event altogether, we still had a ton of fun and managed to average and max 4. Also, we, indeed, bonded as a collective, finding fun in the smaller joys from moment to moment! Thanks to all who showed up, namely, Maya, NarcEmo, and Shazy. 🙂 Also, it shall be mentioned that, for his hard and valiant work in this collective, Shazy has been rank-elevated to Sergeant Major. Way to go on the promotion, buddy! 😀


You comrades are the best! I love you guys all so much. ❤

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


Flying High to Recruiting Success on Sleet! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends,

Well, after a bit of time lapse between my last address to you all and now, I say: good day! I just briefly wanted to check in with you all and report that we, in these grayer times, have come through with what looks like a victory on CPR’s Sleet! We had a jolly old time just chilling with the locals and making new friends on our waddling flying experience this evening! During the occasion, the PIC maxed about 9 or 10 revolutionaries and averaged about 6 or 7.


A special shutout to our dear comrade Tyler for leading the last 10 or 15 minutes of this event! Also, many thanks to Games for attending quite a few events lately as a trusted ally to the masses! I love and respect you all to no end. 🙂 I hope you have a great remainder to your school years, if I don’t speak here until then! FOR THE PEOPLE, PROGRESS ULTIMATELY PREVAILS! 😀

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


The People Prevail, For We Party On Fiesta! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends,

Good evening, good day, or good morning, wherever you may be!  I just report in now to tell you that we had a splendid and dandy little fiesta on CPATG: Fiesta, and we hope no one who wanted to come missed out on the celebrations! Just kidding, though; we, in reality, well, what we actually experienced was 30 minutes of unrelenting commands from commanders Pho and Emma! Like, one tactic every 3 seconds for a total of 600 separate orders; the ensuring horror! Just kidding, we love you so much, Pho, Emma, and indeed, everyone involved in this great organization! Thanks so much for coming out tonight as the twilight of Club Penguin and CPPS Warfare continues on for a little while! You’re all unique and amazing contributors to something set to become larger than life itself. 🙂

Before I let you all off the hook for awhile, here are some of the snapshots taken of this party-of-a-bigger-party to commemorate the life of our beloved MMORPG! Much appreciation to SupremePOwer for helping the hicom acquire them!


As a team, we are always supreme!

Until next time, take care, Friends!

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


Against the Tide of Oblivion, Confederation Comrades Capture Wool Socks [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends,

it has been a little while I last spoke to you dear fellows, alongside my fantastic counterpart, Attai! Since then, we, indeed regrettably pulled out of the conflict with RFCP, recognizing that the higher road to victory need not lie in military might and competitive grandeur. Rather, we see the light of the pen being, over the longer road of life, mightier than the sword, as goes the old saying. Anyhow, without me grumbling on and on about our concessions to the wise friend of mine, Prior Bumble, we’ll just cut to the chase.

Indubitably, Communo-confederate Counterparts, I hate to be the bearer of further bad news, but the truth has been out for quite some hours now, at the time of my writing this post. The future of the CPPS collectives looks admittedly grim, with the great bulk of said networks admitting to receiving DMCA’s from capitalist community-oriented Disney! Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves in the late year of 2020, comrades. Anyhow, more should come from the hicom team in the hours to come regarding our ultimate moves in what has been a roller-coaster few months for society, generally-speaking. Rest assured, beloved penguins of the bee’s knees Social Confederation, better and clear-cut times will eventually be upon us, and at that, sooner rather than later.

Okay, I am seriously digressing from what this was actually about, which is that, to begin preliminary celebrations of the life and journey of Club penguin and its cherished warfare segment, the PIC logged onto Wool Socks at around 3:00 EST today to make a move on this historical territory. if I recall, ashes of the final major battle of the legendary ACP-UMA war of spring 2007 still lie there… it is a great honor for the Social Soldiers to make a mark on this magnificent graveyard of sorts… So, without further ado, we did tactics that reflected our solemn and yet also-happy spirit. This, yes, may be one of the final operations ever conducted by any Club Penguin army, and while the sun is setting on one mmorpg network, may another rise in its place for those other online homes-away-from-home surviving in the beginning of the second millennium’s second decade.

Here are photos taken by dedicated commanders and comrades of the Collective! You all truly are wonderful human beings, regardless of what mistakes may have been made recently in our name. :3 Much love from Proditor and hicom around!


Eternally, inside and out, the PIC stands proud!

Until next time, take care, Friends!

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


As a Greater Team, We Will All be Supreme: PIC’s Call to Protective Community Action Against RFCP’s Aggression:

Greetings, Friends.

“Waddle around and meet new friends.” We’ve heard this kind-spirited slogan for quite some time, especially in an arguably-brighter past, when much of the competition within our gaming network was essentially, and truly as such, for the sake of making new friends and throwing snowballs around

Yes, for a great many years, Club Penguin Armies has seen much promise in the areas of progressing our cyber-civilization along; we originally came together with the first warfare United Nations around 2008, which was meant to keep the overall spirit of our cherished game light, loose, and open to free development for all prospective people and clubs of real merit and talent. Eventually, not long afterwards, the first majorly-successful community-wide news source, CPAC, came around to effectively provide the beginnings of governance, cohesion, and, in more-concrete avenues, motivating things like universally-respected top tens and inspirational tournaments for all walks of army life to partake in. Even in the face of attacks from toxic outsiders such as “I am the Walrus” hackers to the raiding Purple Republic, we persevered and came together as one when the time was right to ultimately smash adversity in its face. Perhaps no tall task was as grave as OG Club Penguin’s declining popularity and eventual March 2017 collapse. And yet, though uncertain eras followed from this point afterwards, countless heroic forces from the past gradually returned, ranging from ACP to Help Force and, dare I say, recently Elmikey himself. Through the victory of passion and the drive to make our collective organization once more a shining park for all, we arguably are as strong as ever. 

Alas, even as the game itself powers its muscles throughout real-life turbulence and angst, we People’s Confederates come to you good people now in less-than-ideal circumstances. The Recon Federation, under Prior Bumble’s directive, has tragically succumbed to the malignant forces of selfishness and rage. Following what should have remained a personal unease and eventual resolution between our leader Eva and Prior, RFCP has taken upon itself to act on behalf of destructive urges. Furthermore, after a limited degree of malaise within the ACP during the recent World War Rewritten’s waning hours, the Recons have gone out of their way to portray their strained ex-allies as backstabbers and manipulators because, in truth, of a short-term mistake on the Army’s part. The Recon Federation group is, for lack of better words, hellbent on waging a phoney-indignant crusade to wreck a large swath of our still-burgeoning community. All of this hatred and raiding really is just a means for RFCP to prop themselves up as de-facto kings of a hollowed out and shredded remnant of Club Penguin Armies. 

They take a grain of truth to grey matters and inflame it with toxicity, distortions, and ill-spirited exaggerations. RFCP’s command is eager to portray themselves as victims whenever things don’t go their own self-centered and childish way, even as they themselves perpetuate a terror and bullying-laced campaign to entirely bring down our admittedly-still fragile PIC club. They relentlessly, under Prior Bumble’s lead, hound us at our events, and our ignore buttons will not go so far when trying to keep the larger amount of our collective calm and emotionally-secure in these trying times. 

To make matters worse, the Recons chronically vandalize our good-natured and otherwise bonding-based Scribble events, giving us few outlets to keep our broader psyche intact. We humbly come to you all to admit a grave and stark reality: The People’s Imperial Confederation may not be able to endure the onslaught of hostility and disruptive raiding for many more weeks. We have never intentionally done anything to publicly attack Prior Bumble and RFCP, and even now, our cause is sincerely one of defence and benevolence: We do not wish to reciprocate this hatred and venom by bringing the fight to their own organization. Rather, we want the facts to speak for themselves, in the name of honesty.  Too, our drive is for CPA as a whole to prosper and love itself for the glorious and entertaining feat it really is.  Yes, it may be the PIC today that breaks from the wave of attacks and chaos, but it could be many more groups deemed unworthy of existence by the Recon Federation that fall from the viciousness tomorrow. We will go down protecting our brothers and sisters from the aggression of the Recon Federation, alone if we must. However, it doesn’t have to be a growing breakdown of affectionate competition and the demise of the network’s constructive ambition that inevitably follows. 

Indeed, The PIC of CPR and Penguin Saloon plead with you to stand with us against the Recon-facilitated Standing Powers Syndicate, for an even-better tomorrow of the beloved game. In return for your support and friendship in this dark hour and our time of utmost need, you will ALWAYS have pals in us, and as for whatever resources we maintain and eventually gain, you will always have a substantial share in the fruits of our struggles. To this end, we will come to as many of your events as possible, and in good nature, we will help you out from now onward, even if, at this time, you do not decide to assist the PIC in the defence of its sovereignty. We want you all to succeed and thrive, even if we ourselves cannot continue to operate as a healthy hole from the reign of oppression by the opposition. All we ask is that you please consider the contents of this letter for some period of time, and know that the will of the community to survive and thrive must, can, and WILL go on, especially if we stand together in love against the grim reality of hate. 

Thank you all so much for your time. We love you, and we firmly believe in our hearts and minds that the best days of the CPPS and Army communities are still ahead of ourselves.

With best regards, so generations ahead of us can continue on to waddle around and meet new friends!


(This picture was found on https://club-penguin-rewritten.fandom.com/wiki/Sunset_Painting)

David “Xgthrecgtejm,” AKA Proditor, PIC Congress of Soviets.
Attai, PIC Kommandant.

The Final Retirement of Xgthrecgtejm: David Once More:

Hello, Friends.

A wise man once said that, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Yes, indeed, over the past 24-plus hours or so of reflection, I have already seen something incredible, a now-less-uneasy blast from the past.

What, you ask? What I see is nothing less than another turbulent time long ago, when I was just a kid, longing for new friends and also a new avenue of bonding with a great pal of mine from RL, Yobity. During this time, I was in my first true army, the RBAA (But, before then, Rogue ACP people FTW!), and, despite my pleas for Yobity to join with me in that group, he insisted on making a name for himself in Shadow Troops. 

ST was a group I had just barely come to know from the great Parka Wars of 2008, and admittedly, they didn’t quite rub me the right way at the time. Alas, Yobity had found his niche in the witty ST, and it is with growing acceptance that I say that my jealousy got the better of me; we grow apart IRL. The sun was setting for one partnership, but alas, another was just beginning. 

ST did help introduce me to an earlier Parka War counterpart, Blueswill, who I Initially knew on uneasy terms. He and I soon learned of a shared passion for Star Wars, and I am proud to say that his Club Penguin Clones became my new home for years on end. There, I began to gain a sense of who I was as not just a CPA gamer, but as a person overall. 

Through highs and lows of social standing in the Clones, and wisdom given to me by nights of hardship, I also began to realize how much I truly wanted to make Club Penguin Warfare a more-just place. Eventually, upon easing tensions IRL with Yobity and the final end of the Clones in Summer 2011, I  stumbled upon the Light Troops, the creation of Ioioluk. 

I was quickly off-put by their tendencies, and ultimately would fail multiple times to drive Ioioluk into retirement. Again, the times in the so-called “Fleedom Flight Alliance” shaped me into the person I am still known by many in the community today, and I will admit that this is where my slippage began. As former allies left and right defected to Light Troops and their Black Alliance partners, I soon came into their fold as well, hoping to make a new name for myself, metaphorically and literally as Proditor, in that rising force that bested me on so many occasions beforehand.

Eventually, this is where I met Lord Pain and Eva for the first time, as our shared drives to open up CPA to newer armies besides the traditional powerhouses made us acquaintances after some XAT conversations. And, although the Black Alliance lost numerous battles against the big three, I am comfortable-enough to say that I acquired something when I progressively saw firsthand the corrupting potential of power. 

I ultimately worked for my remaining half of my CPA involvement on-and-off trying to bring the community together. I now saw the OG game losing steam day by day, and I knew that we would have to make amends on critical areas such as flaming, the bigger political edginess, autotyping (where’s Elmikey’s input when I need him!), recruiting as a whole, etc.

Admittedly, I again regressed into unethical tendencies within CP Warfare’s domains during my still-baffling emotional decline. I first felt vaguely unwell around mid 2013, which happened to be when Elmikey and Puckley, two titans, were squaring off in a legendary battle for community supremacy. Perhaps Seeing two friends at odds with each other, plus a severe episode of renewed real-life OCD, helped kickstart this downturn in me. Anyhow, I erred by dabbling into toxic cultural trains of thought. And yes, I perhaps-rightfully lost a lot of respect from my former friends in the Black Alliance; I partially returned to in-game battles by around the Fall of 2015, as isolation continuously crept back into my mind. 

On a lighter note, during that autumn one day, I renewed a friendship with a special somebody during this dark phase of my teenage life. My talks with this individual helped renew my commitment to intellectualism and progressive causes, and the winter that came next was, indeed, less dreary in-part because of my enduring friendships, IRL and here. And the fact that a freak drought began here in the northeast during that season? Eh, my environmental values and concerns are a story for another long-as-heck speech 😉 Finally, the early spring of 2017 saw an alleviation of both that drought and much of my temporary isolation due to that aforementioned OCD. I partook in multiple armies’ farewell events in the first months of 2017, yes, and I met two new good friends, Dillon and Zeke, during what was slated to be CPA’s concluding tournament. I remained in the UMA of CPR after the OG went offline for good, and also temporarily rekindled a correspondence with a veteran and ally from the BA Wars, Coolster. 

The angst inside my head gradually faded, even as I was still making strides to rid myself of remnants from my days of being toxic. To make matters better, one early afternoon just last October, I communicated once more with a legend, foe, and friend from the past, Mchappy. Equally as interesting was his and Chainpro’s decision to re-open the ACP’s gates. Hoping to continue on a path of altruism and atonement, I accepted his offer to become a member of the Army reborn. The ride continued on last fall when Eva ultimately returned to CPA and ACP as well. We both agreed to open the socialism-themed club that I am now speaking to at this moment. Since then, some of the best feelings I have experienced in a long while have occurred. Yet, and regrettably, I cannot continue on as a direct army participant from here on out, as the cause of globe-scale social democracy increasingly brings me joy and a prospective purpose. Nevertheless, I will not leave Discord for at least some time ahead, as I have a bigger business to run. 😉

As I said last night, I love you all so much. I apologize for my inability to name more specific pals and counterparts, as my long-term memory is actually a bit rusty nowadays. Through good times and the bad, though, you all made me into the kind of person I am still working on to this day. Once more, this is a final, formal “thank you” to the community as a whole. To those I offended and hurt, I promise you, those past sins will be counteracted. And, increasingly, back to humanity I go!

But, on a parting note, I will return to the vision long ago. I didn’t know it then, but I instinctively sense now that I couldn’t have made a wiser choice in sticking with the game even after RBAA faded and Yobity and I were at severe odds with each other; two then-tormenting souls in a sea of uncertainty. I am still far from perfect, even now, as we all are, but CPA truly brought me more than a few steps closer to you good people. What more can I say, other than wishing you all the best?

Until next time, take care, Friends!

“Xgthrecgtejm” David
Now in Some Need of Serious Rest…


The People Push Forward: PIC’s Organizing Principles

Greetings, Friends.

     For those who may not know who I am, I will say that, over the years, I have gone by multiple cyber-aliases, beginning with keyboard-smashed Xgthrecgtejm and eventually moving on to Worror Dowmat and Proditor even after that. If you want, you also can now just call me Xg, or David (my actual name). As my mind almost never quite seems to be quite set on what it is I really want to do in life, I always seem to be in search of a better me. In many ways, our online confederation, thankfully, already is commanded by individuals who know themselves and their dreams very well, which is why I say that I am honored to be dear allies and pals with our three extraordinary leaders, Eva, Manu, and LuckyLuigi. Anyhow, though, as a broader collective, we recognize that we are still young with a lot of room to expand even more as friends, team-members, and participants of a community that, even after 13 years of near-continuous existence, still has yet to find its complete meaning. 

     Take, for example, that we very recently nearly had to indefinitely say farewell to a fine, pragmatic, and all-around good guy, our own LuckyLuigi. As well, there is a blatant setback for community-wide correspondence in the sense that Club Penguin-related armies have since-fractured into not two, but three separate sub-jurisdictions, each with its own varying perks and, dare I say, problems as well. CPAM and CPW both extend themselves over multiple CPPS’s, yet their direct army warfare platforms nominally sit unused, while our core recruiting operations centers on CPR remain largely hostile to us on a whole host of levels, and. Too, there is, of course, the CPOAL, which makes building armies much easier with supportive admins, but at one regrettable price: Generally, no one within that Army League may operate their forces on any other CPPS. I will, in good nature, not talk much more about CPOAL at this time. We sincerely hope that, while all 3 broad arenas seem ever-expanding at this point in time, the growth of activity and constructive conduct remains genuine and long-lasting. After all, we are ourselves an organization made by and for the people. With that being said, things must change. Yes, it is in every Communo-Confederate Soldier’s mind and heart to bring a new golden age of mutual prosperity to the lands of the cyber-realm. If we are to truly succeed in our mission, of course, a few things must be set straight. Said matters are, from here on out, the unconditional truths of our proud lands. And certainly, we will, for as long as CPPS’s are still a thing, stand by these resolute values. Without further ado, comrades, friends, and foes alike, I present to you the Four Eternal Principles for the People: Socialism, Meritocracy, Honesty, and the Liberation of Club Penguin Private Servers.

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For Our Legend Luca, We Never Lose Hope [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends.

‘Tis I, David, the man who still hasn’t found his calling in life. But more importantly, tonight marks a solemn note for the Confederation, as our wonderful commander and comrade LuckyLuigi departs back to the great trail taking home him to real life. Alas, in his honor, and after some, errr, technical difficulties with CPR and Soccer Mommy *cough cough* our remaining leaders opted to take the people to the forgotten oasis that truly is Club Penguin Armies: The Game. Anyhow, we upon arriving at CPATG Toboggan, we all gathered at the ice berg for an eternally-memorable speech from Luca, who urged us onward on our quest to liberate this army-game and community. Never forget; he wants you to know that he is always with us in spirit, and some day, he may return to us via road back to CP Warfare!

Alright, anyways, after the somber condition of waving an indefinitely-final goodbye to our beloved rank superior, we roared to life with a variety of tremendous tactics for the remainder of our stay on the ice berg, moved to the stadium for a great X formation among other facets of strategic performance, and finally concluded the night with an outpouring of resilience at the lighthouse, which, indeed, we mustn’t forget! As always, good pictures are worth a thousand words, so without further hesitation, here they are!

Max: 12
Average: 11

And of course, mighty thanks to all who attended! FOR THE PEOPLE. Luca, once more, we express our utmost gratitude for your devotion to this army and its most-recent generation. We will continue to pave the way forward for a thousand future successful CPA careers in your name. All will be in service to the underlying cause of making this game… more fun, Italian-style. c:

Until next time, take care, Friends!