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On The Front Lines – The First Battle

My Beloved Comrades,

Today we embarked on a mission of justice and honor. The ACP, Chaos Army of CP aswell as many of their small conglomerates had declared war on our closest ally the RPF. We decided that we would side with honor and justice and stand at their side today. Immediately we issued a declaration of war beating them to the punch, for once in our history WE set the terms and WE came out ahead. We logged onto Tuxedo to help our RPF brothers. We fought through technical difficulties, overwhelming odds to help our comrades retain their beloved capital and put us on the righteous side of history. Whether it be beating the PZF and OMA out of the room, or facing the much larger Chaos Army we did not falter. We stood strong as we always do and battled our heart out with courage and commitment.


Max: 10
Average: 8

Commander in Chief

[EU] Recruiting Session

Zdravstvuj Comrades,

Today the PIC logged onto Zipline, CPR for a recruiting session! We maxed 12 during and averaged 11 throughout the event, spreading the word on our wonderful community and making friends along the way! Thank you to everyone who attended, if we keep working our community will continue to flourish!!! For the people!!!

Commander in Chief

PIC Find Four Tourney

Zdravstvuj Comrades,

Today the PIC logged into CPR Crystal for our find four event before being rudely interrupted by the Recon Federation of Clown People. We maxed 13 and averaged 10 and still found a way to have fun through all of the trouble. Emma won the tournament dubbing herself the Find Four God, we weeded out a spy and we had fun all the while. All in all today was a good day!!

Thank you all for your continued support, and to RFCP:

Sincerely Commander In Chief NotManuGinobili

Confederate War-Tactics Training

Zdravstvuj Comrades!

Today the Confederation logged into Deep Freeze on Club Penguin Rewritten for tactics training. We maxed 13 penguins and did various silly word tactics around the island. We visited the Ski Lodge, the Lighthouse and the Ice Rink. Thank you to everyone who came to show support to the Confederation, and congrats to Mbv for winning the Comrade Ivan Award!

Thank you for your continued support.

Commander NotManuGinobili

PIC Box Parade

Today the PIC logged in for their Box Parade event. We maxed 12 penguins and averaged 9 throughout. We visited the Forts, Box Dimension and Surfs Up Dimension performing a variety of tactics. This event was also the first time our 2ic Emma had lead! Thanks to everyone who attended you make the PIC what it is!!

Thank you for your continued support,

Commander NotManuGinobili

Red Redemption

What a beautiful day to be a leader, in our first event back we maxed an amazing ten penguins and performed tactics extravagantly. This event was lead by me aswell as our 2ic Cherry and new 3ic acquisition Blazes. This was by far one of my proudest moments in CPA proving that PIC will forever be one of the top tier armies in CP Warfare. Nothing can hold us back, not a 4 month hiatus, not our differences as people and definitely not a failed war campaign. We are back my friends, FOR THE PEOPLE!

Thank you for your continued support,

Commander in Chief NotManuGinobili

Defense of Toboggan

Today the PICCP logged into CPATG to defend our server Toboggan. Despite being outnumbered severely as time went by we started to close the gap, We maxed 11 and averaged ten throughout the battle. Our troops performed bravely in the face of our enemy despite more toxicity from the ACP, for this our troops Dixie and Hedwin received a promotion…I am beyond proud of you PICCP thank you for your continued support.

CP Armies recording of the battle

The Grand Defense of Sub Zero

My beloved comrades,

Despite our loss today we performed extravagantly, we fought with valiance, courage, and a chip on our soldier in the face of our much larger opponent. We were tactically sound and maxed 15 despite being our second battle. The ACP started out harassing us before battle, calling our troop Dixie a traitor and being generally toxic. Despite this the battle was fought well and cleanly from both sides, If they want a war we will give them a war!!!!

Remember the Lighthouse comrades,

Commander in Chief NotManuGinobili

CP Armies recording of the battle

Comrade Ivan Award Interview [#2] – Yep, It’s Caio

Good Afternoon Comrades,

It is my full pleasure to introduce you to the Second Ever recipient of the Comrade Ivan Award, Caio. Over this past week Caio has shown great bravery in the face of our enemy, unwavering loyalty to the PIC, and has been extremely active attending every single event this week. For these reasons Caio has been chosen to receive the reward as well as receive an interview. Here it is!!!

Q: How does it feel to be the 2nd recipient of the Comrade Ivan Award?

A: Very nice. It’s cool to know that even someone with zero prior experiences with CPA can enter the community easily.

Q: Is there any way we can improve your stay in the PICCP?

A: I think all is well actually. There seem to be no problems with any aspect of the community. All suggestions I can think of are very minor and unneeded.

Q: Do you think our events are fun?

A: Very much! The frequency of themed events, the interactions with other armies and even the interactions between ourselves in them makes events a delight.

Q: What’s your favorite event so far?

A: The Halloween costume party was the first themed event I ever participated and it absolutely served well in making me like the idea of events and armies. I’ll definitely never forget it.

Q: Lastly, any advice you want to give to your fellow troops?

A: In life and in the army, it is a big virtue to balance yourself and the whole. Always speak your mind and fight for it, but remember that you are one in many, and others have the same power as you, even if it is in a different perspective. Be nice, and most will be nice in return. As much as it is tempting to get angry and scream and see different people as the big bad you fight against, remember that violence only leads to violence.

Thank you so much Caio you are a model troop and true comrade!!! Thank you for allowing us this time to interview you. We are all proud of you



PICCP Week In Review [#2]

Monday: On Monday Nov 4th, we cancelled our event Monday due to confusion brought about by daylight savings time. We counteracted this by moving our events one hour back, allowing a earlier time for many of our troops.

Tuesday: On Tuesday Nov 5th, our troops held an invasion of TGTCPs server Bunnyhill from a proxy location on CPR. During this event we absolutely destroyed TGT maxing ten and averaging nine. We did an excellent job destroying a one man army!!!

Wednesday: On Wednesday Nov 6th, We allowed our troops another day to rest and enjoy time off from events!!

Thursday: On Thursday Nov 7th, a great tragedy occurred. During our Rockband Parade we were raided by ACP. Clearly outnumbered we tried to make nice with the larger army with a, “Hi McHappy.” tactic. This same man ordered his troops to attack us. We fought valiantly while we could being forced to retreat twice. We maxed ten and averaged eight. Remember the lighthouse comrades!!!

Friday: On Friday Nov 8th, we logged in for our “Why Does ACP Exist,” in response to their raiding of our rockband event the day prior. We maxed 11 and averaged 10, performing tactics beautifully. You made us all proud comrades!!

Saturday: On Saturday Nov 9th, our troops logged in for a #teamtrees event honoring Mr. Beast planting 20 million trees in the amazon. This was one of our best events yet we maxed 13 and averaged 12!!!! Also on this day our second ever Comrade Ivan Award winner was announced, congratulations Caio!!!!

Sunday: Today we held another break day, wish Eva luck on her exams!!!! Be prepared for more fun events this upcoming week, don’t miss our Surfs Up Parade tomorrow!!!