‘Why Does ACP Exist?’ Parade

Good evening comrades!

Our, “Why Does ACP exist,” event was a huge success. We maxed 11 and averaged ten throughout the entire event. We held this event to express our disdain at ACP raiding our fun event yesterday, and attacking us. They claim it is all in good fun but have a history of picking on the smaller armies.. Nonetheless we performed extravagantly with gorgeous tactics and an impressive showing from our latest recruits NickNoodles and EGBean… Remember the lighthouse comrades.

Thank you for your continued support,

Commander in Chief NotManuGinobili


Comrade Ivan Award Interview (#1) – OddComic10

Hello Comrades, it is with a smile on my face and a whole heart I introduce you to our first Comrade Ivan Award recipient, OddComic10. The Comrade Ivan Award is part of High Command’s effort to show recognition and respect to some of our most loyal and hardworking troops. The Comrade Ivan Award will be given out once a week to one person the High Command votes has shown us the most effort, valiance, hype, activity and other valuable traits. To show our respects you will receive a role, an interview with one of our High Command members and a promotion. Here is our friend Comic had to say:

Q: How does it feel to be the first recipient of the Comrade Ivan Award?

A: It feels good to know I will be part of PICCPs history!

Q: How do you feel about our current leadership here?

A: Its very nice, all three leaders of PIC are good, Respectful, Nice and do really cool formations and Tactics

Q: How do you feel about your fellow troops?

A: I mean I dont know all of them, but the ones I do know are, Loyal, Funny, nice people and good soldiers.

Q: Is there anything Hicom could do to improve your stay?

A: Umm… I’m sorry I cant think of anything.

Q: Lastly, is there any advice youd like to give to your fellow troops?

A: Attend as many events as you can, be active, chat when there’s not an event, organize recruiting parties to get more troops, and share this server with lots of people. If you do this you can be a good comrade, get lots of promotions and maybe even be the second to receive the Comrade Ivan Award!

Thank you Comic for being a good troop, and a good friend.



PICCP Week In Review (#1)

Monday: On Monday Oct 28th, Our troops logged in to invade the freeland server of Husky. In accordance to an agreement between our Chairwoman Eva and Commander Prior Bumble of the RFCP, the server was quickly transferred solidifying an alliance and growing friendship with the RFCP.

Tuesday: On Wednesday Oct 29th, our troops logged into CPR for our costume party! When 9:00 came around everyone changed into their costumes. We maxed 11 and averaged 10 throughout the event. With troops having many great ideas the event quickly turned into a U-Lead, with our friend Ramses being promoted to Lance corporal at the end.

Wednesday: On Wednesday Oct 30th, our troops logged into CPR for our first ever battle with LGA. With increasing hype around our first ever battle the draw to glory ensured plenty of our troops showed up. For our first ever battle against an army in the CPA community we did extravagant maxing 11 and averaging 10, as well as doing great tactically.

Thursday: On Thursday Oct 31st, we held a break day for Halloween. We hope you all had great fun!!

Friday: On Friday Nov 31st, after a small exodus of people the PICCP came back swinging. We invaded freeland server Alpine with a little help from our friends in the RFCP. We maxed 11 and averaged ten throughout the event, with our friends Ramses and Hedwin being promoted at the end.

Saturday: On Saturday Nov 1st, We logged into Sleet CPR for our Blue November Parade. With lackluster showing from our troops we invited our newfound allies Shock Troops of CP to join in the fun. With the help from our allies we maxed 8 this event and averaged 7 throughout. Also at this time Co-Chairman Eva and I were brainstorming on a way to reward troops for their service to the PICCP, in doing so we established the Comrade Ivan award. Big shout out to OddComic11 for being a model troop, you sir are a true Comrade.

Sunday: Today we have another break day!!! Next week be prepared for multiple recruiting events, also look out for our Find Four Tourney and our Surfs Up Parade!!!

Thank you for your continued support,

Commander in Chief NotManuGinobili

Blue November Parade

Greetings Comrades,

Despite lackluster showing from our troops our Blue November parade was a success. We maxed 8 and averaged 7, but our numbers did not define our valor today! We were able to make this event fun for all troops, and we had a great time. This event however was extremely important to me as it is my first time leading without Co-Leader/Co-Chairman and good friend of mine Eva.

Thank you for your continued support,

Commander in Chief NotManuGinobili