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Supreme & Shallissa’s Final Event

Evening brethren,

Earlier today 15 soldiers logged on for Supreme and Shallissa’s final event as Commander-in-Chiefs of the People’s Imperial Confederation. I would personally like to thank everyone who attended and made the event special. PIC truly would not be the same without every single one of you and it has been a pleasure to have the honor leading throughout this third generation.

After the event, we had some fun in the ski lodge competing in a tournament of find four.

I beat RaiRai in find four!!

PIC Legend and Former Commander-in-Chief

PIC Legend and Former Commander-in-Chief

PIC v MC Practice Battle

Hey PIC!!

This evening 14 of us logged on to face off against the Magma Clan. Although we did not win, we had a blast and both armies performed extremely well! We’re excited and hopeful to hold more events with MC!! Here are some photos of the event:

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PIC v SE and Capture the Flag!

Salutations PIC,

Today we logged onto Zipline, CPR to battle Silver Empire and compete in a fun game of capture the flag! 13 confederates logged on and wholeheartedly participated. Thank you to everyone who came out! (check out #events)

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Howdy Comrades!

Today we logged onto CPR, Crystal for a friendly practice battle with our allies the Golden Troops with a max of 20! I am very proud of everyone who attended this event (stay tuned for the giveaway in the PIC discord server!). Have a good weekend everyone!!

ily baby <33

As seen in the photos above, PIC did extraordinarily well and we’re on the climb to Major Army status. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 5 months of this generation and we’re obtaining our goals with ease. Remember, above all else, PIC is Famiglia and we’re only going up from here.

Until Next Time!


PIC AUSIA: New CPR Uniform!

Hello Comrades!

Last night we logged onto CPR for our first event with our new CPR uniform, and to also celebrate Commander Shallissa’s birthday! We met in the town and began performing the most outrageous tactics, all while laughing and having tons of fun. We maxed 9 members and we all had such a good time. We have another important birthday this week so make sure to keep a look out for a fun event to celebrate!

Until Next Time!


PIC Find Four

Good afternoon confederates!

Today, the People’s Imperial Confederation logged onto CPR Crystal with a max of 12 to practice formations, tactics, and play Find Four together.

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PIC Internet Safety Awareness

Greetings PIC,

Today’s post topic is Internet Safety and everything you need to do to remain safe while browsing the web. The post will cover websites, passwords, VPNs, and 2FA.

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PIC Hide and Seek

Salutations Comrades!

Today, the confederations logged onto CPR for our Hide & Seek event.

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