[US] Unscheduled Event

Hey, everyone!

Today, we held an Unscheduled Event on Ascent at the Snow Forts! The event was a success, with us maxing 12! Reminder of the Challengers Cup 2 Grand Finales tomorrow; hope to see you all there! For The People!

The One and Only Room: Snowforts

Invasion of Jack Frost [RESULTS] (SPECIAL)

Hey, everyone!

Today, we invaded Jack Frost from PMA! Due to them not showing, we were easily able to take the land, but along with that, we hit the best max of this gen: 23! Thank you to everyone’s hard work in helping PIC make it this far! I have no doubt that we can and will continue to grow!

Max Photo

Invasion of Bobsled [RESULTS]

Hey, everyone!

Today, we Invaded Bobsled, from PMA. The battle was almost a landslide, with us winning two rooms, and PMA winning one, which led to a PIC victory! Good job everyone and big thanks to Lizzie, Welp and LEGOMAN for VC Leading, and LEGOMAN helping with tactics and event-pictures! We maxed 12!


Legends Cup XI Round 1 [RESULTS]

Hello, everyone!

Today we had our Legends Cup battle against our lovely allies over at ACP, but in a surprising turn of events, they withdrew from the battle. You can read more about it over here! I would like to take the time to say Thank you to ACP for giving us a chance to move onto the second round. We love you ACP!

Max: 9

Summer Fashion Show [RESULTS]

Hey, everyone!

Today we had a Summer Fashion show! It went along great, and with our max peaking at around 15 at the Stadium (no pics sob), it was a blast.

After we had our 15 minute event, we headed on to the Iceberg where we had a Fashion Show! After some talk between the judges, the winner was decided: our very own Sarus! Congratulations Sarus!