The Confederation’s Response to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

Dear whom it may concern,

Please listen to the following for the full reading experience:

Hello. I am Sidie9, Chairwoman and Commander in Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Recently, the Recon Federation of Penguin Game has issued some odd sort of ultimatum towards the Confederation, as well as our allies the Lime Green Army, in order to cease RFCP raids of our events. Below is the apparent ultimatum as follows, directly quoted from The Commander Bumble Blog:

PIC: Transfer Beanie (CPR) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) in a formal treaty in which you, in writing, apologize for your disrespect to Prior Bumble and the RFCP and admit submission.

Bumble Blog, Bumblations 2:21

RFCP has raided many of our regular events, including training sessions, recruitments and fun events. When I came back to help re-establish the PIC, I made it clear to all that PIC will not make any contact with RFCP, as Sir Bumble had made it clear that he did not want former RFCP soldiers including myself, Emma and Phoebe in his life. We wanted nothing to do with RFCP either, so we kept a large distance.

Without being prompted, the Bumble Army began raiding our events. This took us by surprise and we were confused. We eventually joined the Rosea Coalition, but after continuous attempts to doxx Prior Bumble took place, the Confederation dropped out. In the lifetime of the Confederation, and even prior to PIC being re-established, no current member of the PIC has ‘disrespected’ Mr Prior or RFCP. As a result, the term for us to apologize for [our] disrespect to Prior Bumble and the RFCP is heavily ironic, considering you initiated raids and disrespect of PIC soldiers.

You’ve reiterated “you know what you did”. No. The Confederation and no one in it has done anything to disrespect RFCP or anyone in it, and as such your term for us to apologize is really sad. You’ve made fun of Oli at raids for crying at raids. Sha has made comments in the past in effect insulting me for being transgender. You call PIC ‘pathetically vile’ among other things. You’ve been more than disrespectful with the things you say at your raids. We’ve done nothing.

I’d be happy to have the Confederation show up to your Invasion of Beanie if it means the end of RFCP raids and both armies leaving each other alone. However, if that is not the case, RFCP can take Beanie. This is a penguin game. Oh no, they’re attacking our virtual server, I feel horrible is not the reaction you’re receiving. PIC will not consider an apology without RFCP apologizing to us themselves.

Is that clear? Okay, good. Let’s go back to vibing. Listen to this next track for the full experience.

For the people. Viva victory.

Chairwoman of the Confederation

Sudden Peace: The End of the War of Red Retribution

Hello Confederates.

The War of Red Retribution is hereby over. As ACP Commander in Chief CSY and I are old friends, we acknowledged that the ongoing war is pointless, especially now that our ally, RPF, has now ended their war with the ACP. We fought one battle against the Army of Club Penguin and their allies with valiance and pride. You should all be proud of yourselves.

However, we will continue to assist our allies who are still being invaded by their enemies. We entered this war with the intent of helping our brothers-in-arms, and we will continue to do so in the coming days.

I love you all. For the people! Viva Victory!

Commander in Chief

Invasion Of Slushy: Assisting Our Allies [UNSCHEDULED]

Greetings Comrades,

In the wake of World War Rewritten, our humble allies Warlords of Kosmos coordinated an invasion of the server Slushy (CPATG) against the Chaos army. Chaos, however, did not attend to defend their server. Instead their ally, the Pizza Federation, defended on behalf of Chaos. In the middle of the invasion I ordered present PIC soldiers to assist our allies, to which we fought valiantly. We maxed 8 and averaged 7 at this unscheduled assisted invasion, helping our Kosmos allies to win the Battle of Slushy. I am proud of all of you. I would like to acknowledge Commander in Chief Manu, who has chosen to retire from his position today. You will be remembered as one of the greatest commanders I have known, and a good friend. General-polkovnik Emma/lunch room lead the Confederation while I was unable to, which deserves special recognition. I love you all. Viva Victory!

For The People!

Commander in Chief

The War of Red Retribution – Declaration Of War On The Army of Club Penguin (World War Rewritten)

Greetings Comrades.

Today is a historic day for the Confederation, as it is the first time in our history that we declare war. The People’s Imperial Confederation hereby declare war on the Army of Club Penguin.

Our closest ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation, has waged war on the ACP, and as allies we are bound to each other. We will stand firmly beside our brothers in black, as we face a nemesis that once sought to eradicate the Confederation in its early days. This war is not one of revenge but of brotherhood with our Rebel allies. However, it goes without saying:

Remember The Lighthouse, ACP.

To the Army of Club Penguin with love.


  • Allies allowed.
  • Invasions must have 24 hour notice.
  • No dual enlistment.

Declaration Of War Signed,

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief



Growth: Confederate War-Training Session

Greetings Comrades!

Today we logged on for an event initially scheduled an invasion of the Shock Troop server Migrator, but after the war had been called off we used it as an opportunity to practice our tactics and formations. In a fantastic exhibition of the Confederation’s strength we maxed 17 PIC soldiers. We visited the Ice Berg, the Book Room and the Underground Pool, with excellent tactics. I am proud of every single one of you! You all make PIC what it is today. For The People!

PIC Chairwoman

Come Fly With Me! (Propeller Hat Parade)

Greetings Comrades!

Max: 19
Average: 16

Today was another fantastic day for the People’s Imperial Confederation! We logged onto Marshmallow on Club Penguin Rewritten, equipping our propeller hats to take flight! We began in the town, floating from the town to the dock, eventually finishing at the beach. After warming up, we performed strongly with great tactics and formations (we finally managed to make a + at the beach, unlike last time). With a max of 19, this new generation of the Confederation has once again topped our record for penguins online! Our General-polkovnik Emma had her brother attend, who would later become a nuisance when he joined our Discord server. Lucas, you are not an all star. I am shaking my head. Thank you all for attending, For The People!

PIC Chairwoman

The Confederates Seize Antarctica (Safe Chat Event)

Hello Dear Comrades!

Max: 11
Average: 11

Today we logged on for the first invasion of a server in the new generation of the Confederation. We logged onto Antarctica, a safe chat server, to add it to our nation of servers. Being a safe chat server, we were able to make fun of the safe chat features, leading tactics based around the various dialogue prompts. Despite the tactics making me chuckle a bit, we were fantastic, maxing 11 troops, and our tactics were on-point. Next time however, form a +, not an A. Well done everyone, I love you all!


PIC Chairwoman

The Grand Postman March – New Heights For The Confederation

Greetings my fellow comrades.

The 31st of March will go down as a milestone in the history of the People’s Imperial Confederation. We logged onto Abominable on Club Penguin Rewritten for our postman march, wearing the postman outfit from the April Fools Party. This unexpectedly became the largest turnout for a PIC event in our history, maxing 18 and averaging 15-16. With brilliant tactics and formations, we paraded through the Plaza, Underground Pool and Dojo Courtyard, chanting pun-related phrases and having fun. This was also our first event following the return of former PIC Commander Proditor and PIC veteran Comic, both of whom have rejoined the army. Furthermore, NarcEmo became the first PIC troop to rise from Private all the way to moderator, being promoted twice this week. This is a truly amazing day in our history, I love you all. For the people!


PIC Chairwoman

The Battle of 3 Armies – PIC faces ACP and OMA

Greetings comrades!

Today is historic in the Confederation’s history, being the first time we have battled another army since our previous generation last November. In this three-way practice battle, we faced the Army of Club Penguin, which we have already faced in the War of Green Peril, and the Portuguese Os Mascarados Army. The battle was chaotic. Our armies filled the mine and the ice rink, making it harder to coordinate our troops, but this was anticipated. Regardless, we fought excellently against OMA and ACP. We had a max of 12 troops and an average of 11, with great tactics. This was the first event of many new PIC recruits. We performed very well PIC, for the people!


PIC Chairwoman