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[US/UK] CPAT’s Incompetent February Forte

Greetings PIC!

We logged on today for the February Forte, a tournament organised by Club Penguin Army Times (CPAT). Facing the Warlords of Kosmos, we logged onto Warzone expecting a fair fight to be remembered. Now I’ll be remembering it for the wrong reasons.

Warlords of Kosmos fought amazingly and I thank them for the wonderful battle. There is an issue that needs to be addressed, however. During the lead-up to the battle the PIC leadership has had completely mixed signals on the allowance of the usage of allies in battle. 16 hours before the battle I had Bscharbach2, the head of CPAT, in my direct messages telling me PIC could not bring allies in our battle with WOK today. This is a standard rule in most army tournaments so I shrugged it off as a formality. The rules of the tournament also stated allies were not allowed.

In the meantime, our second-in-command Ferdthebird1 (also an official at CPAT) told us that allies are allowed, stating that Bschar and him would need to discuss the issue at a later time. This confused myself and the leadership, as the two highest members of CPAT were at odds and didn’t determine beforehand whether or not the usage of allies in the tournament was allowed. Our ally, the Army of Club Penguin, asked Bscharbach before the battle whether or not he could bring ACP troops to attend for us, to which the answer was no.

I appreciate WOK for the battle and they performed exceptionally today. However, CPAT’s indecisiveness ultimately led to an incredibly flawed battle. I have no idea how this battle even reached overtime. We did amazingly with our tactics and speed, I am very proud of you all. I however question the judgement of the judges, who let this go to overtime despite WOK’s dominance.

I also thank Ferd and Bschar for organising this tournament as I have not seen a small/medium tournament held in quite some time. In spite of this, the February Forte tournament has been poorly organised with a lack of communication. Had I been given clear instructions of the usage of allies I’d have called as many ACP troops as I could. I only allowed Mchappy to attend for us once it was clear that allies were being used for the battle. I implore CPAT to develop a cohesive communicatory structure. This was an embarrassment.

Thank you to all the PIC troops who came, you did phenomenally. Extra thanks to Ferd who led much of the battle exceedingly well. Once again, thank you to WOK and I wish them the best of luck in facing DV in the finals. I’ll see you all another time.

Max Size: 10

Until next time!

[EU/US] & [AUSIA] Generation 4 Grand Openings

Greetings PIC!

Today, on the 4th and 5th of February 2023, the People’s Imperial Confederation logged onto Club Penguin Army Battleground twice to celebrate the re-opening of our army. We hopped on the servers Klondike and Battleground for our EU/US and AUSIA events respectively. For a first events of a newly revived army I am very proud! With a maximum size of 13 at both events we traversed the island and made our mark on the battlefield once more. Keep an eye out for future events this week, until next time!



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Expect Us: The Fourth Generation of PIC

The following is an announcement from the PIC Congress of Soviets:

It has been almost one year since the hiatus of the People’s Imperial Confederation began. Armies have risen and fallen in our absence. The PIC Discord grew ever-quiet as the year went on, days separating each message from the last. Discussions to bring our community back have been on and off. Plans would be made on numerous occasions only for them to fall through. That cycle seemed to continue perpetually.

This changed when Shallissa and I returned to the community in early December. We wanted to see our army thrive again yet we were unsure of the desires of the broader people, whether they still sought revival or that had yearning had faded. The Discord became more active as the clocks turned to 2023 despite the months of silence. It brought me great joy to see faces old and new. It was then on the 1st of January that we decided to take PIC’s return to a popular vote and, in an overwhelming majority, the people decided it was time.

I hereby announce the revival of the People’s Imperial Confederation for our Fourth Generation. The planned date for our opening is the 4th of February, 2023. The composition of the leadership is yet to be announced.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. I hope you have all enjoyed your summer/winter holidays so far. Here is to wonderful 2023 for you an the upcoming PIC generation.

Signing off,

The End of Generation 3

[AUSIA] Drilling For Oil In Moshi’s Backyard

Hello PIC!

We logged onto Marshmallow today to drill for oil in Moshi’s backyard. Oil is necessary for war, and out of coincidence it turned out that Moshi owned a substantial amount of oil in his residence! With a troop count of 11 we drilled at the Ice Berg, Snow Forts and Ski Village, obtaining a large amount of natural resources. Be sure to check the events channel for information on the events this week!

Maximum Size: 11

Until next time!

[US] Cabin0416’s Retirement Event Video

go home dino you’re drunk

I’ve never seen a more incompetent piece of propaganda in my life. Your post should be studied in history classes for the sheer magnitude of its failure. Let me sum up Dino’s post on the Water Vikings website for you:

“PIC is bad because a PIC troop used David/Sirproditor’s account on Club Penguin.”

I’ve never heard of a weaker premise than that. Branding an army as “bad” because some troop used David’s account? If you had dug even a little deeper you’d have found out that David regularly gave his account details to PIC troops during his tenure. While I don’t think people should be using his account, what you’re doing here is a massive reach. Trying to characterize an entire army based on the actions of a random troop, whose only crime is logging onto your friend’s Club Penguin account. Go back to the drawing board brother.

“The fact that you need to use my close friend’s deadname for recruitment purposes shows how bastardized your army has become.”

David has a new name online and no longer goes by the name “Proditor”. The act of logging onto his old account is not dead naming him. As a Transgender person I find it extremely belittling that you would use terminology to describe a genuine issue that my community faces as a catch-all term for using someone’s old online name. You’re actually pathetic. I can’t wait for part two of your post for you to continue subtly undermining minorities.

Also, let’s not forget one of your leaders is Aaronstone, the big boy Trump supporter, a man who continuously jokes about hating women. Once or twice is a joke, but maybe it wasn’t a joke after all…? As if he cares about dead naming lmfao. We can be uncharitable too uwu.

Such an amazing song doesn’t belong in a sub-par post like yours.

Do better, WV.

[AUSIA] AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition (RESULTS)

Hey Confeds!

The Confederation logged onto Sleet for the first round of the AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition. As someone who has been around since the first inclusion of AUSIA in the community this battle meant a lot to me. This battle was not a disappointment whatsoever, we fought our absolute hardest and went the distance with the Secret Service army, We unfortunately lost, winning one room and losing the other two, but this battle was a pleasure to lead and I am immensely proud of you all. We are not a strong AUSIA army yet we held our own. Thank you to Cabin for calling the rooms and Bam117 for assisting with tactics when I was preoccupied. I love you all.

Max Size: 8

Room 1 (Underground Pool):

Room 2 (Forest):

Room 3 (Ice Rink):

Until next time!

[US] PICCP Winter Formal 2022 (Gone Wrong)

Hello PIC!

The People’s Imperial Confederation logged onto Marshmallow today for our 2022 Winter Formal! We started at the Ice Berg and did a few tactics before eventually heading to my igloo for the party. The formal was one of the most hectic events I’ve ever led, with the voice chat devolving into absolute chaos. We had a concert band, a bunch of swordfights and Cabin throwing up in the corner…? I’ve lost faith in humanity but it was a truly fun event, thank you to those who attended!

Max Size: 11

Event Pictures:

This was cursed.

Until next time!

[US] Hunting Treasure!

Greetings PIC!

We logged onto our beloved server Marshmallow yesterday for our Hunting Treasure event! After meeting at the Ice Berg we made our way to Rockhopper’s Ship and did some tactics in the Ship Hold before playing the Treasure Hunt mini-game. Our event was wonderful, maxing 10 penguins and ending things by creating a new meme template of our lovely leader Cabin0416. Make sure you attend the Scavenger Hunt event later today!

Maximum Size: 10

Event Pictures:

Until next time!