P.I.C. (People’s Imperial Confederation)

1. Flag

2. Servers

3. Diplomacy

4. Congress of Soviets


1. Flag

People’s Imperial Confederation: Founded 17th of October 2019
Flag Instated: 24th of October 2019

2. Servers

Club Penguin Rewritten

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3. Diplomacy

These are the current allies and enemies of the Confederation.

Allies –

Secret Service
Smart Penguins [Imperial Intelligence Alliance]
Army of Club Penguin
Ice Warriors
Rebel Penguin Federation
Fire Warriors
Pizza Federation (Rest in Peace)



Enemies –


4. Congress of Soviets (Constitution)

The People’s Imperial Confederation functions as a single-party socialist confederation. The Congress of Soviets (the Confederate Socialist People’s Party, CSPP) serves as the advisory board of the Confederation. Furthermore, power to wield emergency executive authority is vested in Congress, which may only be exercised through a two-third majority vote. Members of the Congress of Soviets consist of former leaders, members of High Command, or people of significance within the Confederation.

The First Secretary and the Chairperson serve as the Head(s)-of-State of the Confederation. The First Secretary and Chairperson oversees major decisions, such as the revival or closure of the army, leadership changes, war and conflict, as well as situations in which the Commander(s)-in-Chief require council. The Chairperson may act independently when deemed suitable but should consult with the First Secretary on matters of greater importance the position of Chairperson is delegated through chosen inheritance.

Members of Congress are hand-picked by the Chairperson of Congress. The Premier serves as the head of Congress and the main Advisor to the Commander(s)-in-Chief, with the President taking up identical authority to alleviate responsibilities from the Premier.

The People’s Imperial Confederation may only be revived/dissolved through an uncontested majority vote held by the Congress of Soviets, unless deemed an emergency by the Chairperson.

First Secretary of the Confederate Socialist People’s Party (CSPP): Sidie9
Chairwoman of the Confederation: Shallissa
Premier of the Congress of Soviets: lunch room (Emma)
President of the Congress of Soviets: LuckyLuigi
Congress Members: Sidie9, lunch room (Emma), LuckyLuigi, Rowan Alden/Attai, Proditor, Say4321 (Phoebe), Shallissa, ThatOneNoob