The People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin (PICCP) was formed on October the 17th 2019 by the founder of the Australian/Asian army community, Sidie9, alongside hardened army veteran and strategic mastermind Sirproditor/Xgthrecgtejm, both of which were returning members from the original army scene in Disney’s Club Penguin. The army was officially registered in Club Penguin Armies: The Game on October the 19th. This page seeks to document the times and history of the Confederation as we continue our march into the future, serving as a homage to the many people who have dedicated themselves to making PICCP a great community for all.



Part I: Red October and the Blue November

In the early days of October, the People’s Imperial Confederation was a concept brewing in the mind of Sidie9 during her tenure as a returned member the Army of Club Penguin. She had initially planned to revive a long-gone army named the People’s Republic Army, but Sidie’s plans were halted when PRA veteran Prior Bumble stated that PRA law rendered future recreations of the army illegitimate. This resulted in the creation of the PICCP on October the 17th, an entirely new socialist-themed army with a clean slate to write history. Proditor, an associate of Sidie in the ACP, agreed to assist her in the creation of the Confederation, but was not yet willing to take up the mantle as leader.

Although unsure whether the newly created army would find success, Sidie took initiative and recruited several old friends including Rockstar1819, who would take his place as the first Commissar in the PICCP ranks. The People’s Imperial Confederation then held its first event for October the 19th, managing to get 5 troops online. An application was immediately filed to register for Club Penguin Armies: The Game and was approved. This would only be the beginning of a bright future for the Confederation, as the army would grow exponentially in the coming days.

Proditor finally took up the mantle of Commander in Chief alongside Sidie, and the PIC held its first American event, with a max of 12 troops. The army was created towards the end of the ‘War of No Return’, a war between the Recon Federation and Army of Club Penguin, and so the Rebel Penguin Federation generously transferred the servers Sled (CPATG) and Wild Island (CPPS.me). Sled was immediately announced as the Confederation’s capital server. The army began Operation: Imperatoria, which sought to expand the empire, and ended successfully with the acquisition of several servers including Toboggan and Below Zero.

Due to personal reasons, Proditor had to take temporary leave, and Commissar NotManuGinobili took his place as acting leader, for which he was granted the first ever Medal of Honour. On the 28th of October, Chairwoman Sidie shocked the community when she transferred the servers Husky and Frostbite to RFCP and established an alliance between the two armies. RFCP Commander Prior Bumble announced the alliance on his website, and shortly after it was announced that Sidie and Prior were engaged on Club Penguin Oasis and would be hosting a formal wedding. For numerous reasons including her relationship with Prior, Sidie (who was ACP Second in Command at the time) was banished from the ACP, and ACP’s ally status was revoked. The People’s Imperial Confederation was first seen on the battlefield in a practice battle with the Lime Green Army on the 30th, with a troop count of 11. On the 31st of October, Manu was officially appointed as Commander in Chief in place of Proditor, and became the first leader that wasn’t an initial creator of the army. The Confederation was later forced into a war with the ACP, dubbed the War of Green Peril. Despite valiant opposition, such as the strong defense in the Batlle of Sub Zero on November the 12th, PIC was no match for the Army of Club Penguin. PIC surrendered in a harsh peace treaty, concluding the war. The army began to fall apart, with Sidie and Manu parting ways to join the armies RFCP and LGA respectively. 

PICCP Opening Event

PICCP First American Event

Rock Band Parade

Server Transfer to RFCP

Practice Battle With LGA

NotManuGinobili’s Inaugural Statement As Leader

Invasion of Alpine

The Defense of Toboggan vs. ACP, Nov. 13





Part II: The Red Dawn

On a fateful day in March 2020, former Confederate Commander NotManuGinobili approached Sidie9 with the proposition of reforming the People’s Imperial Confederation. While somewhat reluctant at first, Sidie agreed to revive the army. On the 23rd of March 2020, the People’s Imperial Confederation held its first event since the conclusion of the War of Green Peril in 2019. Maxing 9 at the opening event, it was clear that morale for the return of the Confederation was high. Former notable RFCP member LuckyLuigi joined the ranks and swiftly joined Sidie and Manu as Commander in Chief. The People’s Imperial Confederation grew rapidly, quickly reaching sizes of 18+, sizes not seen in the army’s previous generation. PIC would battle armies such as the Army of Club Penguin in practice battles, showing courage and fearlessness not seen before in the army.

23rd of March 2020, PIC Reopening.



Practice Battle vs ACP and OMA.

In the month of April however, the Confederation was brought into a conflict soon dubbed as World War Rewritten, in which the Rebel Penguin Federation and its allies, including us, faced the Army of Club Penguin. On the 29th of April, Commander Sidie9 and the PIC High Command issued a declaration of war as follows:

Greetings Comrades.

Today is a historic day for the Confederation, as it is the first time in our history that we declare war. The People’s Imperial Confederation hereby declare war on the Army of Club Penguin.

Our closest ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation, has waged war on the ACP, and as allies we are bound to each other. We will stand firmly beside our brothers in black, as we face a nemesis that once sought to eradicate the Confederation in its early days. This war is not one of revenge but of brotherhood with our Rebel allies. However, it goes without saying:

Remember The Lighthouse, ACP.

Although the war did not last long and resulted in a stalemate, it proved our tenacity and willpower to fight all who oppose us and our allies.

PIC War Training.


PIC skirmish against Chaos, PZF and OMA during WWR.