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The People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin (PICCP) was formed on October the 17th 2019 by the founder of the Australian/Asian army community, Sidie9, assisted by hardened army veteran Sirproditor/Xgthrecgtejm, both of which were returning members from the original army scene in Disney’s Club Penguin. The army was officially registered in Club Penguin Armies: The Game on October the 19th. This page seeks to document the times and history of the Confederation as we continue our march into the future, serving as a homage to the many people who have dedicated themselves to making PICCP a great community for all.


In the early days of October, the People’s Imperial Confederation was a concept brewing in the mind of Sidie9 during her tenure as a returned member of the Army of Club Penguin. She had initially planned to revive a long-gone army named the People’s Republic Army, but Sidie’s plans were halted when PRA veteran Prior Bumble stated that PRA law rendered future recreations of the army illegitimate. This resulted in the creation of the PICCP on October the 17th, an entirely new socialist-themed army with a clean slate to write history. Proditor, an associate of Sidie in the ACP, agreed to assist her in the creation of the Confederation but was not yet willing to take up the mantle as leader.

Although unsure whether the newly created army would find success, Sidie took initiative and recruited several old friends including Rockstar1819, who would take his place as the first Commissar in the PICCP ranks. The People’s Imperial Confederation then held its first event for October the 19th, managing to get 5 troops online. An application was immediately filed to register for Club Penguin Armies: The Game and was approved. This would only be the beginning of a bright future for the Confederation, as the army would grow exponentially in the coming days.

Proditor finally took up the mantle of Commander in Chief alongside Sidie, and the PIC held its first American event, with a max of 12 troops. The army was created towards the end of the ‘War of No Return’, a war between the Recon Federation and Army of Club Penguin, and so the Rebel Penguin Federation generously transferred the servers Sled (CPATG) and Wild Island (CPPS.me). Sled was immediately announced as the Confederation’s capital server. The army began Operation: Imperatoria, which sought to expand the empire, and ended successfully with the acquisition of several servers including Toboggan and Below Zero.

Due to personal reasons, Proditor had to take temporary leave, and Commissar NotManuGinobili took his place as acting leader, for which he was granted the first-ever Medal of Honour. On the 28th of October, Chairwoman Sidie shocked the community when she transferred the servers Husky and Frostbite to RFCP and established an alliance between the two armies. The alliance would eventually be dubbed the Crimson Night Alliance, which included numerous armies such as ST, PZF, and EGCP. Sidie (who was ACP Second in Command at the time) was banished from the ACP and ACP’s ally status was revoked, due to PIC’s collusion with the Recon Federation. The People’s Imperial Confederation was first seen on the battlefield in a practice battle with the Lime Green Army on the 30th, with a troop count of 11. On the 31st of October, Manu was officially appointed as Commander in Chief in place of Proditor, and became the first leader who wasn’t a founding member of the army. The Confederation was later forced into a war with the ACP, dubbed the War of Green Peril (known as the War of Crimson Night within the ACP), standing alone without the armies of the Crimson Night Alliance due to a no-ally war term set by the Army of Club Penguin. Despite valiant opposition, such as the strong defense in the Batlle of Sub Zero on November the 12th, PIC was no match for the ACP. PIC surrendered in a harsh peace treaty, concluding the war. The army began to fall apart, with Sidie and Manu parting ways to join the armies RFCP and LGA respectively. 

PICCP Opening Event

PICCP First American Event

Rock Band Parade

Server Transfer to RFCP

Practice Battle With LGA

NotManuGinobili’s Inaugural Statement As Leader

Invasion of Alpine

         The Defense of Toboggan vs. ACP, Nov. 13


On a fateful day in March 2020, former Confederate Commander NotManuGinobili approached Sidie9 with the proposition of reforming the People’s Imperial Confederation. While somewhat reluctant at first, Sidie agreed to revive the army. On the 23rd of March 2020, the People’s Imperial Confederation held its first event since the conclusion of the War of Green Peril in 2019. Maxing 9 at the opening event, it was clear that morale for the return of the Confederation was high. Notable RFCP member LuckyLuigi joined the ranks and was swiftly welcomed by Sidie and Manu as Commander in Chief. The People’s Imperial Confederation grew rapidly, quickly reaching sizes of 18+, sizes not seen in the army’s previous generation. PIC would battle armies such as the Army of Club Penguin in practice battles, showing courage and fearlessness not seen before in the army.

23rd of March 2020, PIC Re-Opening.

Practice Battle vs ACP and OMA.

In the month of April however, the Confederation was brought into a conflict soon dubbed as World War Rewritten, in which the Rebel Penguin Federation and its allies, including us, faced the Army of Club Penguin. On the 29th of April, Commander Sidie9 and the PIC High Command issued a declaration of war as follows:

Greetings Comrades.

Today is a historic day for the Confederation, as it is the first time in our history that we declare war. The People’s Imperial Confederation hereby declare war on the Army of Club Penguin.

Our closest ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation, has waged war on the ACP, and as allies we are bound to each other. We will stand firmly beside our brothers in black, as we face a nemesis that once sought to eradicate the Confederation in its early days. This war is not one of revenge but of brotherhood with our Rebel allies. However, it goes without saying:

Remember The Lighthouse, ACP.

Although the war did not last long and resulted in a stalemate, it proved our tenacity and willpower to fight all who oppose us and our allies. Commander NotManuGinobili would resign during the war. Shortly afterwards General-Polkovniks Phoebe and Emma were inaugurated as new Commanders-in-Chief of the Confederation, leading alongside Sidie9,. This made PIC the home of one of the most strong all-female leaderships in known army history, as well as an entirely LGBTQ+ leadership.

PIC War Training.

PIC skirmish against Chaos, PZF and OMA during WWR.

Following the war, a conflict arose between the Recon Federation and PIC. RFCP raided almost every PIC event, sowing discontent further by planting a series of spies within the PIC Discord. RFCP would release a blog post making three accusations against PIC, including alleged threats from PIC Premier LuckyLuigi to doxx RFCP Officer Shalissa and her family. Furthermore, PIC Kommissar Katsuki was accused of harassing a former member of the army community with special needs on social media, discussing it in the PIC Discord server without being moderated. Finally, PIC was criticized for housing Cobra as an Advisor, who is well known in the community for distasteful or inconsiderate jokes and comments. Shortly after the post was released, PIC removed all three members from the server. Hostilities briefly died down, but the conflict continued to drag on.

RFCP would eventually make an aggressive move in the conflict, scheduling an invasion of the PIC Capital, Beanie. Although the PIC High Command debated whether or not the Confederation should amuse RFCP’s invasion by attending the battle, the decision was made to defend Beanie. On the 11th of May 2020, in what would be a very intense and emotional battle, it was decided by judges that PIC had lost 2-1 to RFCP, only winning the battle within the Boiler Room. Soon afterwards, the Confederate Commanders agreed to reach a final settlement with RFCP Commander Prior Bumble, bringing an end to the tiring dispute. PIC finally had room to breathe, and an era of prosperity soon followed.

The Battle of Beanie, May 11th 2020.

PIC Training Session raided by RFCP during the conflict.

Following the Campaign of Resistance against RFCP, PIC would consistently max 15-25, eventually participating in the Club Penguin Army Media 2020 Challengers Cup. The Confederation performed extraordinarily in the tournament, defeating the Aliens (led by former HF/DW leader Spotty) and Tsanami’s Crimson Guardians. PIC made it to the Grand Finals against what was considered to be its biggest rival of the era, the Pizza Federation.

The Confederation would unfortunately lose the finals, but the PIC High Command was suspicious of six penguins in PIC uniform who were disrupting tactics and formations during the battle. Sidie9 would present the suspected penguins to CPAM staff, requesting an investigation. However, in an unexpected twist, CPAM investigations revealed that these penguins were actually botted and multilogged by PIC Advisor Earthing. Earthing was subsequently banned, and the army fell into strife.

PIC vs Aliens: Challengers Cup Round 1.

PIC vs CG: Challengers Cup Semi-Final.

After internal struggles and a massive drop in troop count following the Challengers Cup scandal, Sidie9 took a temporary leave-of-absence from the army alongside Emma. Almost immediately, the People’s Imperial Confederation was attacked and invaded on three fronts by the Red Ravagers, Pizza Federation and Templars during a period of recovery. Commander Phoebe was left alone to lead the army in defending against its enemies, although Emma would return as the war continued. Two of PIC’s close allies – the Water Vikings and the Marines – joined the war on the Confederation’s side, citing the abuse of PIC during a time of vulnerability (especially with Sidie9 absent) as the reason for war. In a post on the Water Vikings website, Kingfunks4 and their leadership stated:

Today I bring news that the Water Vikings are at war for the first time in the new CPPS army era. We have declared war on the Templars, who have shamelessly formed an alliance with two other armies to invade the People Imperial Confederation whilst our much loved friend, Sidie, has been on leave for personal reasons. We will not accept for armies to bully PIC when they are in a period of rebuilding and adjusting, and therefore have come to their support. They did not ask for this help, but we felt as we have a role. Our allies the Marines (part of the wet alliance) have declared war on Pizza Federation.

The Confederation would survive what would be later known as the Confederation/Motherland War, despite causing irreversible damage to the Confederation. Multiple attempts were made to revitalize PIC. Phoebe soon retired and PIC veteran Attai/Rowan Alden was named the new Commander-in-Chief. Unfortunately, the People’s Imperial Confederation’s second generation would end on August the 17th 2020, merging with the Water Troops to form the (now closed) Tamales army.

PIC vs PZF: Defense of Wool Socks, June 18th 2020.


The People’s Imperial Confederation returned with a third-generation after the Congress of Soviets unanimously voted in favor of the army’s return. Led by PIC veterans Sidie9, lunch room (Emma), and SupremeP0wer/LuckyLuigi, PIC officially re-opened on the 7th of January 2021. Due to the end of Flash-Player support and the collapse of Club Penguin Army Hub, the Confederation had to deal with an increasingly unstable community upon its return. PIC held its first Club Penguin event on the 9th of January, maxing 15+. Shallissa would later join the leadership team on the 18th of January following extensive contributions to the army, for which she would be awarded the first Medal of Camaraderie.  The army saw exponential growth within the following weeks, foreshadowing exciting prospects for the future.

PIC’s first Club Penguin event following re-opening, 9th of January 2021.

PIC Simon Says Event.

The Confederation debuted at 8th in the first CPAHQ Top Ten, consistently remaining within the Top Ten throughout the generation. Close ties would be formed with the Ice Warriors. They faced IW on Valentines Day for the first battle of the generation, maxing 17, which would lead to future weekly practice battles between the two. The first PIC Divisional Battle would also take place on the 27th of February between the Toboggan Tigers and Beanie Brown Bears, with a max of 20.

The Confederates would participate in the CPAHQ 2021 March Madness Tournament, facing off against Special Weapons and Tactics. Despite trying their best, PIC displayed a max size of 15 in a battle that would be lost to SWAT on the 13th of March. Nonetheless, PIC maintained its consistency and strength heading forward.

Practice Battle: PIC vs PZF, March 2021.

Operation: STIMMY Event, 24th of March 2021.

After over 1 year of an extraordinary administration, Commanders-in-Chief Emma and Sidie9 announced on the 17th of April that they would be retiring at the beginning of the following week, Monday the 19th. Heartfelt messages were sent to the retiring leaders, with the resignations marking the first era of the Confederation without its founder at the helm. Their retirement post stated:

I created PIC on the 17th of October in 2019 as a passion project with my good friend David, also known as Proditor, for a final run in the Club Penguin Army community. I had no idea that the People’s Imperial Confederation would come this far, and I am so proud that I, along with my team, have worked in creating and molding this wonderful community that so many people call home. My co-leader Emma (lunch room) joined me in PIC in the March of 2020. Together we have been a fantastic duo of leaders. We have accomplished so much and have enjoyed our long tenure as Commanders-in-Chief of this amazing group. After over one year of service to this army we call home, it is time that Emma and I (Jemma/Sidie9) finally retire this coming Monday, April 19th 2021.

Two farewell events took place, one AUSIA and one US, both maxing 20 in a spectacular send-off; In their place, PIC Legend and Marszałek Phoebe was promoted to Commander once more to lead alongside Supreme and Shallissa. PIC continued to perform strongly in battles and events during the transition to a new era of the Confederation.

Re-enactment of the Challengers Cup battle against Aliens, Emma and Sidie9’s final AUSIA event.

The final event of Emma and Sidie9, April 19th, 2021.

The retirements of Jemma and Emma launched the People’s Imperial Confederation into a new chapter of practically complete independence from its creator for the first time ever. The leadership of Shallissa, SupremeP0wer, and Phoebe maintained army consistency, achieving maxes of 15-20 penguins and top ten placements of 11th or 12th place. In a themed week titled “Rainbow Rampage”, the Confederation worked to preserve morale and size despite the previous departure of two historic leaders.

PIC’s Greenday (Not The Band) Event

Throughout May 2021, the Confederation participated in a variety of practice battles amongst allies and armies throughout the community, reaching sizes of 20. With Phoebe and SupremeP0wer falling inactive due to personal reasons, PIC relied heavily on Commander Shallissa and high-ranking members of its high command. This era saw the growth of ThePieLord8 and Aydoon12, who together served as Marszałek (LiT).

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Golden Troops: Max 20

Despite engaging in a substantial amount of practice battles throughout generation three, PIC had yet to participate in war or any army conflict. The Congress of Soviets were attentive to the drop in soldier morale due to two inactive leaders and desired something fun and conflicting to keep the Confederation moving. PIC colonized Sidie’s Rangers, a meme army formed by Creator Sidie9 mostly because it was based. With an intense longing for a morale boost and free clout, Sidie’s Rangers declared war on the People’s Imperials Confederation in what would be comedically known as The Outback-Toboggan Border War. After a series of three battles and back and forth exposé posts between the two armies, the war concluded with a PIC victory.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Sidie’s Rangers

The end of the Outback-Toboggan War led to the retirement of Commanders and Legends Shallissa and SupremeP0wer, who served five full months in leadership. Following their retirement, Shallissa was named PIC’s second-ever Chairwoman by Creator Sidie9, with Sidie9 assuming a newly created position titled First-Secretary. SupremeP0wer was assigned the title of President of Congress. After serving as LiT for a few short weeks, ThePieLord8 and Aydoon12 were inducted into leadership to lead alongside Phoebe. Maya and Cabin0416 were promoted to Marszałek (LiT) to support the new generation of leadership.

In June of 2021, The People’s Imperial Confederation was invited by Club Penguin Army Headquarters to participate in Project; Conquest, a month-long map warfare event consisting of a variety of server battles. The Confederation happily accepted this invitation and were formally brought in as a participating army. PIC, under the leadership of Pie and Aydoon, participated through the full duration of Project; Conquest. Reaching sizes of 17 penguins, the Confederation engaged in 12 battles distributed across 4 weeks of warfare.

PIC vs SWAT during Project Conquest

After weeks of alliance tension, a Project Conquest battle with the Golden Troops sparked an array of conflict between the two armies. In an extremely intense battle, the Confederation lost their battle against Golden Troops with tensions now at an all-time high. Despite this sudden burst in conflict, PIC relations with other armies and allies remained consistent as Project Conquest came to an end.

PIC vs GT during Project Conquest

Project Conquest concluded with the Confederation achieving fourth place, placing higher than nearly every other participating S/M army. PIC stood strong and consistent under the leadership of Pie and Aydoon as they brought PIC into a period of recovery after long weeks of warfare.

PIC morale saw nothing but improvement during this period of late summer 2021. PIC Creator Sidie9 was given Advisor in the newly revived Smart Penguins and she encouraged both PIC and SP to come together and form a brother alliance. This game-changing alliance was named the Imperial Intelligence Alliance and provided a much-needed close friend to the Confederation. 

The People’s Imperial Confederation moved forward to participate in Legends Cup XI where they faced allies the Army of Club Penguin. The Confederation by default moved to round 2 of the tournament after ACP announced that they would be dropping out. PIC moved forward to face the Templars in round two where they unfortunately lost but were left in good spirits. 

Round I of Legends Cup XI [Max 12]

Shallissa, Chairwoman of PIC was approached by SWAT Commander LEGOMAN in regards to their ongoing war against the Templars of CP. SWAT was aware of the previous conflict between PIC and TCP towards the beginning of generation three and sought Confederation support due to sharing a mutual enemy. Despite having a rocky relationship with SWAT, the Confederation agreed to get involved in hopes of improving relations. A strong friendship quickly developed between the Congress of Soviets and LEGOMAN, which resulted in him being made PIC Advisor. 

Tensions with allies the Golden Troops remained at an all-time high during this period of rebuild. The Confederation hadn’t forgotten what happened during Project Conquest and was very interested in ending the alliance. After a series of dramatic and passive-aggressive conversations in an alliance group chat, PIC wasn’t too surprised or bothered when confronted by Golden Troops with accusations towards their veterans and leadership, nor did the Congress of Soviets care when GT officially ended the alliance.

After experiencing toxicity from its former allies, Confederation was ready for war with the Golden Troops. Not knowing the Smart Penguins shared mutual interest, PIC leadership was approached by their leadership requesting their involvement in an upcoming war with GT. The Golden Troops and their colony Post Malone Army occupied 27 servers on the Club Penguin Army Network map. The Smart Penguins were interested in expansion whilst the People’s Imperial Confederation were interested in warfare after the destructive end to their alliance with GT. War seemed to be in the best interest of the Imperial Intelligence Alliance and it was decided that the alliance would declare war together simultaneously. The Smart Penguins published a war declaration on Golden Troops, while the Confederation targetted their colony Post Malone Army through an identical war declaration. The war would soon be documented as the Golden Intelligence war throughout media organizations in the community.  The People’s Imperial Confederation would refer to this war in its own history as The Fall Apart War. 

Invasion of Bobsled [PMA]

In the midst of what quickly turned into a very successful war, The Imperial Intelligence Alliance quickly realized that the Golden Troops weren’t ones to play by the book like most armies do. They quickly began declining judges, no-showing to battles, and even invading their own colony to escape the war. Despite their best attempts to avoid warfare, the IIA continued to dominate and defeat GT/PMA in battle after battle. Finding interest in the war’s developments, PIC Advisor LEGOMAN began leading and organizing battles alongside PIC’s Commanders and the Congress of Soviets. Due to his intense contributions, he was named Commander-in-Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation to lead alongside ThePieLord and Aydoon. Wanting to provide extra support to PIC, Chairwoman and Legend Shallissa would return to her role as Commander-in-Chief after heavily advising the Confederation throughout her entire retirement.

PIC’s Invasion of Permafrost (PMA)

With PIC leadership stronger than ever, the IIA war score continued to climb as the Confederation increased in both max size and morale. Success in war opened many new opportunities for strong alliances. The Confederation formed a brother alliance with Fire Warriors [FW], titled the Blazing Confederation Brother Alliance. The two armies quickly became close as FW voiced their complete support for the IIA’s war efforts. The Templars who had originally attended a battle for Post Malone Army switched sides and formally allied with PIC.  This unnamed brother alliance provided strength and support for PIC as the war continued, with both armies sending support and troops each other’s way. Under the new era of leadership, PIC sizes continued to climb, eventually beating generation max records twice in a single week. 

8/11/21: PIC Invasion of Foggy Rock (PMA) Max 23

8/16/21: PIC Invasion of Mittens (PMA) Max 25

The Fall Apart War/The Golden Intelligence War would come to a brief pause, with all participating armies being invited to CPAHQ’s Challengers Cup 2. The Confederation had high expectations of themselves after narrowly losing to Pizza Federation the year before and placing second place. Round one pinned the People’s Imperial Confederation against Dua Inn Lipa Fighters [DILF], where PIC secured a comfortable 2-0-1 victory and successfully moved on to round two. 

PIC vs DILF (Max 17)

Round two pitted the Confederation against allies Secret Service [SS] in the semi-finals of the tournament. This battle was intense but ultimately resulted in a PIC victory with a score of 1-0-2. Following their loss, the Secret Service would proceed to contact CPAHQ staff questioning the results, accusing PIC of bringing allies and dual enlists to the tournament. After a short-lived investigation, PIC was found to be innocent of these accusations and moved on to round three of the tournament. As a result of the Secret Service’s actions, PIC would end the alliance based on mistrust in each other as allies.

PIC vs SS [Max 18]

Round three of Challengers Cup 2 would place the Blazing Confederation Brother Alliance against each other in a battle against Fire Warriors. Much was at stake for the Confederation who once again found themselves participating in the finals. With Commanders Shallissa and LEGOMAN absent, First-Secretary and Creator Sidie9 found herself in a familiar situation, leading her army in the Challengers Cup Finals just as she did just one year prior. The armies would face off, the battle eventually resulting in a Fire Warriors victory with a score of 3-0. Although disappointed, PIC was beyond proud of their allies for their victory and moved forward with strong spirits. 

PIC vs FW [Max 19]

The end of Challengers Cup 2 would see an end to the Smart Penguins’ involvement in the Golden Intelligence War. Their goal of expansion had been accomplished, with SP successfully invading many of GT’s servers. The Confederation however wasn’t ready to step down from the war, and formally declared war on Golden Troops. cornering their empire into a head-on war against PIC. Although at war, the following weeks saw little warfare with judges nearly impossible to obtain in CPAN’s organization. Golden Troops began mass invading their own colony while PIC put their direct attention onto getting PMA off the map. The stakes were high with the ultimate goal being to force treaty Post Malone Army to obtain partial victory.  

PIC Invasion of Southern Lights (GT) [Max 15]

Meanwhile, after a summer of incredible leadership, Commanders ThePieLord8 and Aydoon12 would retire from PIC leadership, leaving Commanders LEGOMAN and Shallissa co-leading together. An alliance with Sea Serpents would leave PIC colony LEGOMAN ARMY with 10 servers on the CPAN map, where yet another declaration of war was published to protect the colony from invasion. Invasions against Golden Troops continued with PIC continuing to obtain victories. 

With only a few PMA servers left, both PIC and GT began invading what was little left. Golden Troops were hoping that invading their own colony’s capitol, Eastern Shoreline, would end the war with no PIC force treaty. PIC was hoping that a successful defeat of Post Malone Army could also end the war with Golden Troops through a cleverly written force treaty. After Golden Troops’ successful invasion of Eastern Shoreline, Commanders Shallissa and LEGOMAN would contact CPAN administration where PIC was granted full permission to proceed with a PMA force treaty due to the high war score of 10-1. Despite PMA’s best efforts to evade defeat by using loopholes, PIC successfully obtained victory in the Fall Apart War after over a month of constant war. PIC would present a force treaty titled “The Treaty of the Postal Confederation” to PMA in a group chat which would be ignored by PMA leadership. In a post titled “Better Now”, the Confederation publicly announced their victory with an official war score of 10-1. 

On July 30th, 2021 the Imperial Intelligence Alliance declared a state of total war against the Golden Troops and their proxy, Post Malone Army. After strong tensions due to the abrupt end of PIC’s alliance with Golden Troops, our Confederation sought vengeance on behalf of the treachery demonstrated by the Golden Troops. Our army fought valiantly alongside our beloved allies until we commenced a war of our own against the Golden Troops, assuming a position of war against two armies at once. After over a month of constant war, the People’s Imperial Confederation have been declared the victors of the Fall Apart War against Post Malone Army.

Unable to use the Treaty of the Postal Confederation to end the war with Golden Troops, the Confederation found themselves remaining in a head-on war against their former allies. Meanwhile, Golden Troops were weakened after this loss and the retirement of two major leaders. Total victory was in sight and the Confederation had no intention of backing down. After much debate regarding the next steps of war, Operation: Olsztyn was born and put into immediate effect. 

Operation: Olsztyn – The Endgame of the Rusting Hope War

After a long and gruelling conflict that lasted a month and a half, the Fall Apart War has ended in a force treaty that saw our absolute victory. Despite our hopes, it has been determined by F6 that we are unable to use the Treaty of Postal Confederation to end the War of Rusting Hope as well. As a result we continue to be in a state of war against the Golden Troops army

Through deliberation amongst the Congress Cabinet we have determined that our best approach moving forward will be to continue the war in a guerrilla-like fashion. Allowing peace talks with Neha and Kattle at this moment would only serve to weaken our movement when total victor is in sight.

It is unfortunate, however, that the Golden Troops hold almost 20 servers currently. Invading the rest of their land will be a hard endeavour. For example, if we were to invade 2 servers each week it would still take 3 months to finally end the war. Thankfully the Golden Troops are on the brink of destruction and do not require our full war efforts to take the final pieces of their nation.

It is very likely in this Vietnam/Cold War-esque conflict that the Golden Troops will crumble before we reach their capital. As a result we will be able to have regular fun events as well as our invasions, we should not expect a Golden Troop offensive for the rest of the war.

In this final struggle against the Golden Troops with Operation Olsztyn we shall seek complete and utter victory over them. Peace is not an option and all of their land will become ours at any cost. This is our plan to end the war that feels as though it has gone on for an eternity. (Sidie9 in PIC HICOM server) 

Operation: Olsztyn was a success, with the Golden Troops announcing their shutdown through a website post the very next day. In a second post, Golden Troops relinquished all of their land and announced their departure from the CPAN organization entirely, thus forfeiting the War of Rusting Hope. The People’s Imperial Confederation were declared the victors of what is now referred to as the Fool’s Gold Wars with a combined war score of 15-0-2, after eight full weeks of warfare. 

The Treaty of Fool’s Gold

Post-war, morale in PIC was high, and maxes remained consistent. Focusing more on fun events, the People’s Imperial Confederation remained steady throughout the September drop. 

Propeller Parade [Max 14]

The People’s Imperial Confederation celebrated its two-year anniversary event in October of 2021. In a post written by Sidie9, she detailed each month of the Confederation’s activity and highlighted key events and memories from PIC’s two years of existence. PIC’s Second Anniversary event titled the “Sidie’s Gala” awarded trophies to PIC members for a variety of different accomplishments. Members voted in a poll for each award recipient and Commander LEGOMAN designed custom trophies for each winner. The event maxed a total of twenty-three penguins and served as an extraordinary celebration of the People’s Imperial Confederation’s achievements throughout its two years of activity. 

Two Year Anniversary Parade [Max 23]

In late October 2021, the People’s Imperial Confederation found itself involved in yet another war. The Vengeance Alliance, which originally consisted of the armies Help Force [HF], the Army of Club Penguin [ACP], and the Red Ravagers [RR] were at war with the Western Bloc, which consisted of the Water Vikings [WV], SIlver Empire [SE], and Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT]. The Second Silver Rush War (also known as World War VIII) grabbed the attention of the Confederation and the Congress of Soviets were interested in getting involved in support of the Vengeance Alliance. After speaking to key alliance members, the People’s Imperial Confederation officially declared war on the Water Vikings and joined the Vengeance Alliance.

PIC’s involvement in World War VIII started strong, with the People’s Imperial Confederation beating its third generation max record for the third time in its invasion of Slushy with a max of 26 penguins. 

PIC Invasion of Slushy [Max 26]

With the help of the Vengeance Alliance, the People’s Imperial Confederation would conduct a series of successful invasions against the Water Vikings. Brother allies the Templars would voice support for the Vengeance Alliance, providing assistance to each army during their time of war. Despite never officially joining Vengeance, the Templars would lead battles alongside PIC in a number of invasions. In a shared alliance server, PIC led multiple battles alongside Vengeance leaders with all participating armies present. The People’s Imperial Confederation performed exceptionally while holding consistent sizes throughout the entire duration of the war. 

PIC Invasion of Slushy [Max 18]

Creator Sidie9 would return to People’s Imperial Confederation leadership on the third of November to support her army during what she described as PIC’s most important war yet. After five months of serving as Marszałek, Cabin0416 was inducted into PIC leadership on the thirteenth of November. In what can only be described as the PIC “Dream Team” leadership, Shallissa, LEGOMAN, Sidie9, and Cabin0416 established a new wave of leadership that was stronger than anything the Confederation had experienced before. Their efforts were essential in the ongoing war against the Western Bloc.

In what became known as the “Tale of Two Servers“, the Western Bloc attempted to invade both HF and PIC simultaneously. After dividing forces, the Vengeance Alliance successfully defended both servers from the Western Bloc. PIC’s defense of Pine Needles was historic and became a notable server to the Confederation. 

PIC’s Defense of Pine Needles

On November 15th 2021, World War VIII would conclude with a peace treaty signed by all participating armies. The war against Water Vikings concluded with a war score of 4-1-1. Although no official winner was declared, a combined war score of 23-2-3 left the People’s Imperial Confederation content and satisfied with their war contributions. 

NDA Signed by the Vengenace and Western Bloc Alliances

On the 19th of December, Legoman retired from PIC. Former Pizza Federation leader Hidcre took his place a few days earlier within the leadership. PIC went back to war shortly after with Trojans in a ‘for-fun’ conflict. The war came to an end a few weeks later when Trojans shut down for unrelated reasons at the end of the year.


On the 16th of January, PIC participated in CP Army HQ’s New Year Bonanza. However, they placed last, losing all 3 rooms they participated in. In the final days of January, Water Vikings started drama with PIC. In a post, the army argued that PIC were using an account previously used by Proditor [now known as Worror and no longer wanting to go by his old name] was being used by a PIC member, referring to ‘Proditor’ as Worror’s ‘dead name’. PIC took offence to this, describing in a response post how the usage of a term referring to a struggle of the transgender community was “extremely belittling” to them, especially as PIC creator Sidie9 is transgender. They further suggested that Water Vikings leader Aaronstone frequently makes jokes about hating women. Water Vikings responded with another post, in which they admitted the usage of “dead name” was unnecessary but explicitly said they wouldn’t retract it, and further argued that Aaronstone’s comments weren’t meant to be taken seriously and highlighted that Sidie9 had previously made similar comments. In a final response post, PIC further condemned Water Vikings as toxic. Hostilities didn’t escalate to a war because of the treaty established four months prior after World War VII.

Invasion of Athens vs Trojans

During the chaos, Cabin retired from the PIC leadership. On the 2nd of February, Legoman took Cabin’s place, making his return to the PIC leadership in what looked as if would mark a new era for PIC. However, after just two more events, PIC vanished off the radar. They hosted just three events recorded by CPA HQ and none of these events appeared on the PIC website. On the 17th of February, the PIC leadership finally announced that events would be dropping off in frequency as the leadership became more busy in their own lives. Some investigation into the PIC server suggests that some events were scheduled in the first few weeks, but that they were cancelled due to low attendance.

Cabin0416’s Retirement Event

Some more light appeared to be shed on the situation when PIC released a post on the 20th of January. In it, PIC claimed that they had discovered that former leader Cabin had recruited members of the PIC staff team into his gaming server as moderators and had been recruiting for his server from PIC. They alleged that this had been evident after a scheduled practise battle with ACP had to be cancelled because members of PIC who would have attended the battle were instead at an event in Cabin’s server which had been scheduled at the same time. PIC directly stated that Cabin’s actions could only be described as “troopstealing.” Cabin completely cut off PIC at this and joined Templars. PIC and Templars also broke off their allyship. Shortly after, Legoman resigned from PIC, Shallissa retired from her position and Sidie9 also announced she would be stepping back from active leadership. In place of them, it was announced long-time HICOM members Maya, Sam and Lizzie/Langly would become PIC leaders. The issues facing the army would remain and the community went under hiatus as a result.


Following a public poll to determine the popularity of revival, a fourth generation of the People’s Imperial Confederation was announced on the 3rd of January, 2023. The army was set to be re-opened on the 4th of February in the same year. A new leadership was established, featuring Sidie9, Shallissa, Langly and Hidcre as Commanders-in-Chief. PIC opened their doors with AUSIA and UK/US revival events, both of which featured a max of 13.

January 1st Revival Poll

PIC’s Generation 4 AUSIA Revival Event

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