The Army That Must Not Be Named – Addressing RFCP Discussion

With PIC being one of the main armies offering safety and sanctuary to EX-RFCP members, and myself being a former 3ic in the army; I feel it is my place more than most people’s to discuss the army and give guidance to people who may not be familiar with them. I am urging active armies and community members to stop discussion of RFCP, as it poses a risk of giving RFCP life when it should be omitted from everything. 

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) is an army formed in 2019 by Prior Bumble. I was one of the founding members of the army and served in its high command for over a year. The army and Prior Bumble is infamous for many controversies, several regarding pedophilia and other grooming behaviors from Prior Bumble. Along with this, many of PIC’s current members faced the wrath of Prior Bumble and have been excommunicated and shunned from its community, myself being one of them. 

I want to make it very clear that we ex-RFCP members are very protective of one another, and show no anger whatsoever to any of its victims. Members of RFCP are left completely unaware of their leaders faults and crimes, due to the heavy moderation and vetting of new members. Threats of being banned and erased from RFCP history are threatened to all members, discouraging them to investigate outside resources. Along with this, no information from outside of the server is allowed into the army, unless it is approved by Prior himself. New members are throughly interrogated and members of the community are not welcome in the server. The wrongdoings of Prior Bumble are completely unknown to active RFCP members, and troops are trained to not believe anything CPA has to say about Prior Bumble. Along with this, it is very hard to leave RFCP and many troops are trained to bring former members back into the army. Any member who is able to leave the army, is often left surprised and shocked of what their former leader is capable of. 

In 2020, after over a year of emotional torture, manipulation, and bullying from Prior, I was grateful enough to have a support system of former members who helped me leave. I wrote a series of posts which served as the final nail in the coffin, sealing RFCP away forever. Since the posts, RFCP has been on lockdown and has made few short lived attempts to come back into CPA. They exist within themselves and should be left that way. In its current state, RFCP is no threat to CPA. Any discussion of RFCP increases the likelihood of Prior attempting to come back. I say this because RFCP and the morality of hating it has been trendy in CPA, and many armies have used it as leverage in wars and disagreements. 

This should not be happening whatsoever 

Many of the armies and individuals discussing RFCP know little to nothing about it, and most have never even spoken to Prior Bumble or members of his army, or were even around in 2019 during its community activity. I find the interest in RFCP disturbing, with armies even feeling the need to declare the inactive army an enemy.  

The topic of RFCP should not be used to make your army appear more moral and superior to others, the topic of RFCP should not be used as a weapon. 

Furthermore, bringing up the topic of RFCP to new members of the community comes with the chance of them seeking information out directly from Prior. A chance of creating curiosity about RFCP should not be taken lightly. I condemn any army leader or community official who is teaching troops about RFCP. 

To those concerned about it coming back, I can promise you that there is a large team of active community members who would never let that happen. Rest assured they are not something to worry about. 

To be blunt, Prior Bumble gets off on still being a topic of discussion almost 3 years later. Prior has alts that are used to frequently search his name in servers, he sends trusted spies to keep tabs on former members. RFCP has no place in this community unless you give it a place. Speaking about them, making them a topic of discussion in your armies, and giving them any sort of relevancy whatsoever is just as bad as directly speaking to Prior. Accusing armies of being affiliated to RFCP is just as bad as you being affiliated to them yourself. Giving RFCP any ground to stand on in CPA is absolutely unacceptable. 

To ease worries:

1.) Any army proven to be affiliated with RFCP will be dealt with 

2.) Any individual proven to be affiliated with RFCP will be dealt with 

3.) Any of RFCP’s attempts to rejoin the community will be dealt with 

I want to make it known that contributing to any RFCP relevance is actively going against the wishes of its victims. If you are truly against the crimes of Prior Bumble, you will stop active discussion of him.

The last thing I want is for this post to increase any conversation about RFCP, and I understand that’s a possibility. I needed to take a chance with this post, considering the wide spread conversation I’ve seen as of recently. I know my decision may be met with criticism, however I urge readers to trust my intentions as a former member. As arguably the person that Prior Bumble hurt the most, I only have pure intentions and I want more than anything to warn the community of the dangers they are putting people in by keeping RFCP discussion alive. Please take my thoughts to heart and keep your army and other community members safe. 

What is PIC Humor & what is dubbed as PIC Humor

I am writing again; alas I cannot stop myself.

After today’s AUSIA, I felt a need inside of me to write this post. I feel that what is known as ‘Peak PIC Humor’ should be shared amongst every troop so they can relate. Hence why I am writing about the Significance of Memes in the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Since it’s opening in 2019, one of PIC’s main strengths has been it’s meme output. Here at PIC, we like to generally have a laugh and joke around. Nowadays, we still do (no surprise there). I have already posted about one specific meme, Emo Mikey, he will be mentioned amongst this post as well. First, I’d like to direct your attention to a meme that has been relevant since 2020. Holy Rock.

‘Holy Rock’

Holy Rock, as I’ve mentioned, has been around since 2020. PIC troops would gather around said rock and praise it. Holy Rock has been very significant for PIC, it is widely regarded as the reason that ‘Peak PIC Humor’ exists today. Recently, Holy Rock has made a shock return.

Holy Rock 2020:

Holy Rock 2023:

‘Langly is Bald’

The next meme is very significant, ‘Langly is Bald’ has been at the height of PIC humor for the longest of times. The meme stems once again from 2020, when Langly ‘removed her hair’ during an event and went bald. This meme has resulted in many tactics and many memories. The phrase has also been rephrased to ‘Langy is Bald’.

‘Emo Mikey’

I have already explained the origins of Emo Mikey. He first appeared in the PIC discord server in 2021 and is now the unofficial mascot and a favourite with the troops. He is seen as a ‘sigma male’ and has ‘unlimited rizz’ in the world. His sigma mindset allows him to be at the height of PIC.


No image for this one, but ‘Pissq’ was a meme that began in 2021 by a user named kid, who claimed he ‘liked pissq’. The message became well-known in the PIC community and an emote was made.


Ran is a fictional character that was first sent in PIC in the year 2021 by Langly. Although he somewhat isn’t a meme, he is a very honourable mention here.

‘Mountain Dew’

No image here either, but ‘Mountain Dew’ became a meme in the army in around 2021 by Cabin. It even won an award for ‘Best Meme’ in the Sidie’s that year.

‘Charles Entertainment Cheese’

This meme stems from 2021/2020, one of the earliest memes in PIC. It also stems back from a youtube video which I will kindly link here:

‘Ferd likes Piss’

I am inducting this into the PIC humor. This meme was started in 2023 by Langly, and from a variety of messages sent on Club Penguin Army Battleground.

Honourable mentions include the varying amount of times I have been misgendered in the PIC main chat, Philip the Handsome, and those ‘Lizzie is Burning’ memes. ❤

For the People! Langly.

Emo Mikey Confederation

Hello Confederates! Today I am going to be indulging in PIC Lore, a famous face in the Confederation; Emo Mikey.

Emo Mikey is a loved figure in the community, he is endorsed by all PIC HCOM and is used at various times. Emo Mikey was first introduced into the army in 2021, the first mention of Emo Mikey was in a message sent by Langly, which reads “emo mikey grind never stops”. He has since then been an influential part of PIC.

Where did Emo Mikey come from? You may be one of the many asking that question. Emo Mikey is a character in the manga ‘Tokyo Revengers’, you may also be aware of a certain other character called ‘Ran’, who has also popped up in the Confederation. Ran comes from the same manga.

Emo Mikey was first pushed to publicity by Langly and Moshi, who used him to get troops to log on. He is now a much loved figure of the PIC community and now even has a commemorative sticker & emoji. What do you think of Emo Mikey? And here’s the important question; should Ran be given a commemorative sticker & emoji?

For the people! Langly.

Confed Week Recap! (12/03/23 – 18/03/23)

Greetings folks!

Today I’m doing something new for our website, the Confed Week Recap! Seeing as I’ve been to busy to do each event post individually, I’ve decided to create a compilation of all the events we hosted over the past week.


[UK] March Madness 2023 Round 1 vs. Dark Vikings
Sunday, 12th of March 2023
Maximum Size: 9

[UK] Practice Battle vs. Dark Vikings and Water Vikings
Wednesday, 15th of March 2023
Maximum Size: 7

[UK] Practice Battle vs. Special Weapons and Tactics
Friday, 17th of March 2023
Maximum Size: 10

Thank you all for attending the numerous battles this week! Our forms and tactics were spectacular. Let’s work on building up our size in the coming month! Until next time!

Soaring High – Promotion of Ferdthebird1

Greetings Confederates,

It is not usual for promotions to be announced with a post on our website. I, however, have taken it upon myself to do so on this occasion.

The People’s Imperial Confederation is a grand community with a wonderful team. Our fourth generation has been a great success as of now with activity returning to our server once more. It has been difficult for much of the leadership and higher command to maintain activity due to school and other commitments. We have prospered despite this. Our success would not have been possible without the addition of Ferdthebird1.

Ferd joined our team through an application alongside Spinister to join our team. He has done his absolute best in recruitment, achieving the Top Recruiter medal early into his tenure. Filled with motivation and vigour, Ferd has helped in leading events alongside myself consistently as demonstrated during the February Forte and March Madness tournaments. Serving as a great role model and dominant figure in our army, it is only right to recognise his efforts.

On behalf of the Congress of Soviets and PIC leadership, I hereby promote Ferdthebird1 to Commander-in-Chief. Furthermore, as the First Secretary of Congress I bestow upon him the Medal of Valor for his leadership efforts during February Forte and March Madness.

Be sure to congratulate Ferd on this achievement, for it is well deserved. I, as well as the rest of the leadership, look forward to working with him in continuing and improving the prosperity of the fourth generation.

Until next time,

PIC End of Summer Dance-Off! [AUSIA]

Hello Confederates!

Today the People’s Imperial Confederation’s AUSIA division logged on to CPA Battleground and party-rocked the island! The event started in the Town and we waddled to the Cove, Iceberg, Stadium, and finally the Dance Club. We let everyone know how PIC jigs and showcased some awesome dance moves! It was a perfect chance to bring out our boomboxes and we achieved a total of 8 rockers online. Below are some pictures from the event:








Thank you so much for taking these pictures!

After some fun tactics and vibes, we went to the Dance Club for the real showdown!! We were going to witness who the real star is until…..

We realized DJ Cadence had run out on us and all we could do was panic at the disco! I will definitely find out who stole our party rock. Luckily, we got the dance floor all to ourselves and enjoyed a good old penguin boogie.

That’s all for now! Make sure you react in #mm-round-one if you can attend the all-important tournament battle on Sunday. See you then, thank you for rocking the island with us tonight!!

[US/UK] CPAT’s Incompetent February Forte

Greetings PIC!

We logged on today for the February Forte, a tournament organised by Club Penguin Army Times (CPAT). Facing the Warlords of Kosmos, we logged onto Warzone expecting a fair fight to be remembered. Now I’ll be remembering it for the wrong reasons.

Warlords of Kosmos fought amazingly and I thank them for the wonderful battle. There is an issue that needs to be addressed, however. During the lead-up to the battle the PIC leadership has had completely mixed signals on the allowance of the usage of allies in battle. 16 hours before the battle I had Bscharbach2, the head of CPAT, in my direct messages telling me PIC could not bring allies in our battle with WOK today. This is a standard rule in most army tournaments so I shrugged it off as a formality. The rules of the tournament also stated allies were not allowed.

In the meantime, our second-in-command Ferdthebird1 (also an official at CPAT) told us that allies are allowed, stating that Bschar and him would need to discuss the issue at a later time. This confused myself and the leadership, as the two highest members of CPAT were at odds and didn’t determine beforehand whether or not the usage of allies in the tournament was allowed. Our ally, the Army of Club Penguin, asked Bscharbach before the battle whether or not he could bring ACP troops to attend for us, to which the answer was no.

I appreciate WOK for the battle and they performed exceptionally today. However, CPAT’s indecisiveness ultimately led to an incredibly flawed battle. I have no idea how this battle even reached overtime. We did amazingly with our tactics and speed, I am very proud of you all. I however question the judgement of the judges, who let this go to overtime despite WOK’s dominance.

I also thank Ferd and Bschar for organising this tournament as I have not seen a small/medium tournament held in quite some time. In spite of this, the February Forte tournament has been poorly organised with a lack of communication. Had I been given clear instructions of the usage of allies I’d have called as many ACP troops as I could. I only allowed Mchappy to attend for us once it was clear that allies were being used for the battle. I implore CPAT to develop a cohesive communicatory structure. This was an embarrassment.

Thank you to all the PIC troops who came, you did phenomenally. Extra thanks to Ferd who led much of the battle exceedingly well. Once again, thank you to WOK and I wish them the best of luck in facing DV in the finals. I’ll see you all another time.

Max Size: 10

Until next time!

[AUSIA] Dr. Phil Intervention / Training Event

Greetings PIC

Today, the AUSIA Division of the People’s Imperial Confederation logged on in CPA Battleground in the server Battleground to train for our upcoming battle against Warlords of Kosmos in the Semi-Finals of the February Forte tournament scheduled for Sunday. We begin gathering members and warming up for the event in the Town, and proceeded to the Stadium, where we did some fabulous tactics, and finally moved onto the Snow Forts for the conclusion of the event. We reached a maximum of 15 penguins online and successfully accomplished our goal, thanks to all our allies & visitors who showed up to support us in the event. Shoutout to SIDIE, Ferd and Kurumi for leading!

Maximum Size: 15

Warmup Room: Town

Room 1: Stadium

Room 2: Snow Forts

Thanks to those who managed to grab these amazing pictures from the event!

Thanks for attending, make sure to react in #⭐┃ff-semi-final if you can attend! See you in the next event!


Dowódca (4ic)

[AUSIA] Battle vs ACP!

Greetings PIC!

The AUSIA Division of People’s Imperial Confederation logged in CPA Battleground on 17th February in the server Battleground to face out our allies Army of CP in a fierce Practice Battle! We began gathering in the Beach and did some warmups to show our full power in the battlefield, and proceeded to the Iceberg to battle ACP, and did some fabulous tactics and showed our stength to ACP! Next, we headed to the Cove, and spent some enjoyable time in the battlefield, maxing a total of 12 penguins online!

Maximum Size: 12

Notjay21 is a PIC Lance Corporal.

Warmup Room: Beach

Room 1: Iceberg

Room 2: Cove

Stay tuned for more events, see ya!


Dowódca (4ic)

[EU/US] & [AUSIA] Generation 4 Grand Openings

Greetings PIC!

Today, on the 4th and 5th of February 2023, the People’s Imperial Confederation logged onto Club Penguin Army Battleground twice to celebrate the re-opening of our army. We hopped on the servers Klondike and Battleground for our EU/US and AUSIA events respectively. For a first events of a newly revived army I am very proud! With a maximum size of 13 at both events we traversed the island and made our mark on the battlefield once more. Keep an eye out for future events this week, until next time!



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