Sidies Gala Event Recap (2 Year Anniversary Parade)

Attention People’s Imperial Confederation:

Today, October 17, 2021 is a momentous day in our history. On this very day two years ago the glorious People’s Imperial Confederation was formed by Sidie9. This army has weathered thick and thin and has still remained strong, and held a consistent base of dedicated troops, many of which have been present in this army for a year or more.

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[U.S.] Candy Corn Crew Event

Hello, Confederates!

Today we logged onto Marshmallow, Club Penguin Rewritten, for our Candy Corn Crew Event! We had a great time doing some tactics and formations before playing Find Four to end off the event. Thank you to all who attended, and I hope you had a fantastic time.

Max: 11

Max photo, taken in the Starting Room
Chill Find Four sesh

Comment below if you attended!

Together Through All Time: 2 Years of the Confederation

Greetings Confederates and the broader community,

What a journey this has been! The 17th of October marks the second year anniversary of the People’s Imperial Confederation community. This army has achieved so much and become something really special, something I would’ve never foreseen on one seemingly insignificant day in 2019. So many memories have been made in this amazing community that myself and so many others now call our home, our little space in the vast and sprawling place we call the internet.

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[U.S.] Tactics Training & Hide and Seek Event

Hello, Confederates!

Today we logged onto Abominable, Club Penguin Rewritten, to practice some tactics and have a couple games of Hide and Seek! Thank you to everyone who participated today, and I hope to see you next time!

Max: 11

Max picture, taken only moments before we began playing Hide and Seek!

Comment below if you attended!

[U.S.] Practice Battle Versus Templars

Hello, Confederates!

Today we logged onto Ascent, Club Penguin Rewritten, to engage in a practice battle against the Templars, an ally of our great Confederation!

We were meant to battle in three rooms, but ended up only battling in two rooms as CPR moderators were sending in-game bans and warns to soldiers of both sides as we entered the third room. Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun battling it out.

Max: 7


ROOM 1 – Iceberg

ROOM 2 – Stadium

Comment below if you attended!

[EU] Champions Cup VI Round One

Hello, Confederates!

Today we logged onto Sleet, Club Penguin Rewritten, to face off against the Water Vikings in Round One of the Champions Cup VI tournament. We had a lot of fun battling it out today, and, if you attended, I hope you did too.

Those who attended earned the exclusive Medal of Excellence, an award available for this tournament only. This award signifies participation in this tournament. You can earn this award if you do not have it already by attending our next tournament battle on Friday, October 15, against the Red Ravagers!

Medal of Excellence Recipients From Today’s Battle:
– Aidan
– Cabin
– ChilledNico
– Lizzie
– Maya
– Mummy
– RaiRai
– Sam
– Sarus
– Slick
– Ugly

Max: 11

[US] – PIC Tactical Parade

Greetings Comrades,

Yesterday the Confederation was due to face off against the Templars in a practice battle, with the Templars deciding to cancel on us only an hour before the event was supposed to take place. Despite this we decided to continue with our event and held a parade throughout the island, performing extraordinarily with great tactics and a turnout of 13 members online. Thank you to all those who attended! Be sure to attend the first round of the Champions Cup VI against WV at 3:00PM EST later today.

Maximum Size – 13

Room 1 – Town

Room 2 – Dock

Room 3 – Stadium

Until next time!

Creator and First Secretary

[EU] – Purple Takeover

Hey PIC!

Today our lovely 2ic Lizzie logged us on for our Purple Takeover event. She led incredibly in our voice chat as we dressed in our favorite purple outfits. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to Lizzie for leading and Cabin for hyping the chat!

Max 7

Until Next Time!

PIC Chairwoman and Commander-in-Chief

[US] – Propeller Parade!

Hey Comrades!

Today we logged on to Ascent, Town for our Propeller Parade! This event was so much fun and a huge success with 14 members in attendance. I’d like to welcome our new recruit MoonDust107 who joined us during our event today! Make sure to tell them how awesome they are. I hope you all have a good rest of your day!

Dear DMT, AfgSky is a PIC veteran who was not in uniform

Room One: Town

Room Two: Game Room

Room Three: Cove

Until Next Time!

PIC Commander-in-Chief and Chairwoman

[EU] – Fair Frenzy!

Good-day Comrades! Today (or it may be yesterday depending on your timezone) we logged onto Marshmallow, Stadium to compete in our very own Fair Frenzy, a training-type event based around tactics. Although we did run into some difficulties (NUMBER NIN TEEN MOUSE IN BAKED BEANS) we did manage to max 8 during this event! Thanks to all who came and thanks to me for leading (and being in a crocodile costume, which originally wasn’t planned).


This post was written by Elizabeth a PIC 2ic & the Aria General.