PIC Mountain Climbing Expedition

Hey PIC!

Earlier this week we logged onto CPR to check out the Mountain Climbing event and the new items associated with it! With a max of 13 members we had so much fun climbing the mountain and doing tactics during this event! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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Good morning, evening or night depending on what time you’re reading this. Today, The People’s Imperial Confederation held KFC event on Club Penguin Rewritten with me {Maya} leading and Cabins lovely presence there . After three rooms of Cove, Plaza and lastly Pizza Place, we had an enjoyable time. We maxed a total of 10 lovely people that joined us. Everyone was amazing with the tactics and had so much fun. Well done to all who came and u all were lovely with the Chicken puns/jokes. No chickens and animals as a whole were harmed in the process of this lovely event. I hope everyone reading this has a splendid day!

∩ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔつ━━★.・。*༶・✧Ily

Mountain Expedition Party: Full CPR Guide May 2021

Hey readers!

As of today, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has finally released the grand Mountain Expedition Party! Penguins are now able to explore one of Club Penguin’s giant mountains, filled with puzzles and many awesome items for you to collect! Below is a full guide to the Mountain Expedition Party to make sure that you don’t miss any of the new exclusive items.

To begin the expedition, head over to the Ski Village, which has newly been re-decorated! Pass through the arch to head up the mountain.

You will find yourself in a newly set-up campsite!

Click on this little box to obtain the free Chilly Trek Hat!

Click on the paper parchment at the bottom right of your screen for a great Mountain Expedition Catalogue!

Inside the cave you enter from the campsite, click on all the icicles to make them disappear and open a pathway!

Going through the pathway, you will find yourself at a makeshift campsite along the trail. Continue up the mountain when you’re ready!

In the next cave, you can click on the ice structure at the bottom right to enter a secret room! Return to the cave when you’re ready

Once you’re in the cave again, click on the axe lodged in the snow, and then click it once more when it’s in the air to cut down the wooden log.

Once the wooden tree stump has been chopped down, throw snow balls at the icicles shown below and watch the log fly!

Cross your newly made bridge to finally reach the Mountain Summit!

When you’ve finally reached the Summit, head to the fish dog cart and collect the new Picnic Basket Pin!

You can also collect a cool Red Flag! (A possible item for your PIC uniform???)

Last but not least, stand in front of the camera and click on it to receive the Mountain Summit Background!

That is all the new content from Club Penguin Rewritten’s new Mountain Expedition. I hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful. Be sure to keep an eye out for guides like this one for other parties n the future!

Creator and former Commander-in-Chief

Jake’s Birthday Bash

Hey PIC!

Today we celebrated Kommandant JakeTheBird’s birthday by logging onto CPR for some fun tactics and a party! 18 PIC members logged on to celebrate our friends special day! Jake, we hope you had an amazing day today! Your friendship and presence in our army is valued so much and we appreciate all that you do for us. You’re such a good person and I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

Until Next Time!



Hey Comrades!

Today we concluded Rainbow Rampage with an incredible battle with SWAT! We greeted SWAT with a max of 18 and some insanely fast tactics and formations that put up a huge fight against them. We all were outstanding today and I am so proud! Our Rainbow Rampage Champion along with our Best Dressed and Giveaway winners will be announced shortly. Thank you so much to everyone who participated this week! Have an amazing weekend!

Until Next Time!


Perky Pink Parade!

Hey PIC!

Earlier this week we celebrated our Pink Day, in honor of Rainbow Rampage! We gathered at the Docks dressed beak to flipper in our pinkest attire while we practiced some speed tactics and formations. This event was a pink success with 14 members in attendance! Thank you to all who came!

Until Next Time!


PIC Green Day (Not the Band) Event

Hey PIC!

Welcome back to Day 2 of Rainbow Rampage! Today, our color theme was Green! We dressed in our greeniest outfits and gathered at the Beach and performed some fun warmup tactics. As the event continued, 17 PIC members competed through their tactic skills to be crowned Best Dressed and Rainbow Rampage Champion. This by far was one of my favorite PIC events: with so many of our troops engaged and performing amazingly while they carried out orders of creative tactics and formations. It has been so awesome to see the excitement and bright colors while we celebrate this weeks fun themed events. Thank you all for making this event and week so amazing!

Until Next Time!


PICCP Purple Pals Event

Good morning, evening or night depending on what time you’re reading this. Today, The People’s Imperial Confederation held our first Purple Event of our amazing Rainbow Rampage Week on Club Penguin Rewritten with Pie and me {Maya} leading . After three rooms of Docks, Stadium and lastly Iceberg, we had an amazing and enjoyable time. We maxed a total of 15 stunning people that joined us. Everyone was amazing with the tactics and so much fun. Thank you all for the fun time and well done to all who came and you all were lovely. I know like others I can’t wait for the next other events in store for us. I hope everyone reading this has a splendid day!

∩ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔつ━━★.・。*༶・✧Ily

Rainbow Rampage

The People’s Imperial Confederation high command and leadership is thrilled to announce a fun-filled week of Rainbow Rampage! Join us May 3 through May 8 for activities, prizes, and tons of fun!

How it Works
This week will be full of games, exciting events, and tons of colorful excitement as we compete with one another to become the Rainbow Rampage Champion!
Each day will be themed a different color with events and activities surrounding the theme! Participating PIC members can attend these events, play games, and participate in our chat to be entered into our Rainbow Raffle to win Nitro, Robux, awards, and the title of Rainbow Rampage Champion!! Wear your best colorful outfits to each event with a chance to win our Best Dressed awards at the end of the week!

Schedule: (Event Times in PIC Server)

Monday: Purple!
Purple Pals Event – Club Penguin Rewritten
Wear your most exciting purple costumes!

Tuesday: Green!
Green Queens (And Kings!) Event – Club Penguin Rewritten
Live like royalty and show off your most extravagant green attire!

Wednesday: Orange
AUSIA – Nothing Rhymes with Orange Event- Club Penguin Rewritten
Orange you glad we are having an orange themed event? Come dressed
in an outstanding orange outfit!

Skribbl.io – Link Sent in PIC Server
Paint the colors of the rainbow during our Skribbl.io event!

Thursday: Pink!
Perky Pink Party – Club Penguin Rewritten
Gather at Maya’s igloo in your most fantastic pink clothing!

Friday: Yellow!
Break Day!!
No CPR events will be scheduled; leaving the day open to play other fun games!

Saturday: Blue and Red!
Battle with SWAT!
Come dressed in the official PIC Uniform as we battle it out with our friends
from SWAT!
After the battle we will announce our giveaway winners,

We are so excited for Rainbow Rampage and we hope you are too! Keep your eye out on our events channel to be informed of event times and other important information. I hope you all have an amazing week!


PIC VS ACP: Ausia Battle [RESULTS]

Hey, Comrades!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Anyways, on Friday, we had a Practice Battle with our lovely allies, ACP! With a max of 11, it was fun adding to our alliance and overall, everyone was doing amazing and was really great with tactics! Tomorrow is a break day, so no events. I hope everyone has an amazing Sunday!

PIC and ACP at the Iceberg.
Adding to our Alliance!
PIC and ACP Battling it out at the Snowforts!
Flowers at the Burg!