Costume Party: A Big Bruh Moment

Heya Spooky Comrades!

Today we logged onto our favourite Sleet on Club Penguin Rewritten for an awesome costume party. As soon as the clock hit :00 we all switched to our costumes and you all looked amazing! We had a lot of fun and did some great tactics, some being led by our very own troops! 11 people showed up and we averaged 9-10 which is great. We have more fun events coming up so look out for that, and our most important event of the week is tomorrow at the same time, our first battle with the Lime Green Army! Congratulations to RAMSES on his promotion to Lance Corporal, his enthusiasm and effort really invigorated the team. The PIC is definitely the best community, I love you all!

I love y’all!


PIC Commander in Chief

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