For Our Legend Luca, We Never Lose Hope [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends.

‘Tis I, David, the man who still hasn’t found his calling in life. But more importantly, tonight marks a solemn note for the Confederation, as our wonderful commander and comrade LuckyLuigi departs back to the great trail taking home him to real life. Alas, in his honor, and after some, errr, technical difficulties with CPR and Soccer Mommy *cough cough* our remaining leaders opted to take the people to the forgotten oasis that truly is Club Penguin Armies: The Game. Anyhow, we upon arriving at CPATG Toboggan, we all gathered at the ice berg for an eternally-memorable speech from Luca, who urged us onward on our quest to liberate this army-game and community. Never forget; he wants you to know that he is always with us in spirit, and some day, he may return to us via road back to CP Warfare!

Alright, anyways, after the somber condition of waving an indefinitely-final goodbye to our beloved rank superior, we roared to life with a variety of tremendous tactics for the remainder of our stay on the ice berg, moved to the stadium for a great X formation among other facets of strategic performance, and finally concluded the night with an outpouring of resilience at the lighthouse, which, indeed, we mustn’t forget! As always, good pictures are worth a thousand words, so without further hesitation, here they are!

Max: 12
Average: 11

And of course, mighty thanks to all who attended! FOR THE PEOPLE. Luca, once more, we express our utmost gratitude for your devotion to this army and its most-recent generation. We will continue to pave the way forward for a thousand future successful CPA careers in your name. All will be in service to the underlying cause of making this game… more fun, Italian-style. c:

Until next time, take care, Friends!



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