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Growth: Confederate War-Training Session

Greetings Comrades!

Today we logged on for an event initially scheduled an invasion of the Shock Troop server Migrator, but after the war had been called off we used it as an opportunity to practice our tactics and formations. In a fantastic exhibition of the Confederation’s strength we maxed 17 PIC soldiers. We visited the Ice Berg, the Book Room and the Underground Pool, with excellent tactics. I am proud of every single one of you! You all make PIC what it is today. For The People!

PIC Chairwoman

One Response

  1. I am sorry
    I am sorry that I hurt you so
    By hurting you all, I hurt myself more.
    Your feelings mean the world to me,
    I care for you all more than I show, more than you see.
    I, David, am really sorry.

    (Heavily inspired from https://www.wishafriend.com/sorry/uploads/10317-sorry-poems.jpg)


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