Flight Of The Dragons! [RESULTS]

Hello Comrades!

Today we logged on for our Dragon event, in which we all wore our dragon costumes and soared around the island on Marshmallow! We maxed 12 and averaged 10. This was a fantastic way to continue our start in a new era of the Confederation, and the first event I have led since my return! Thank you everyone for attending. The Confederation is forever and will not falter. For The People!

Until next time,

Commander in Chief

Find Four Tournament! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends!

After a prolonged hiatus, my calling to posting has been resurrected, it seems! Yes, somehow, the baton was handed to me after so many weeks, or months, or gosh however long it was. So, in more-relevant news, of course, I will just briefly describe our Find Four Toboggan Tournament from earlier today. 🙂 Essentially, five loyal followers of the Communo-Confederate Cause made it to that CPR locale around 3 PM EST for a splendid little competition in the Ski Lodge! We had a lighthearted exchange of battle plans throughout the Find Four Clash, it would seem, and alas, sadly, only one soldier, Xgthrecgtejm, could ultimately prevail to make it to the final win. A special shout out to Maya, who very nearly, with creativity, defeated Xg earlier on in the last game! Anyways, congratulations to all who showed up, and you all had fine tactics (no pun intended…) throughout our brotherly battle! Narc, Maya, Void, and Emma, along with all of the PIC, you are loved and cherished every single day. ❤


Until next time, take care, Friends!



P.S. A SECONDARY shout-out to Narc, one of the community’s finest picture acquirers of all time! 😀

The Blue Return of PIC!

Good afternoon Comrades!

Today, we logged on to Club Penguin Rewritten for our return event! We maxed 4 troops today, thank you to those who attempted to log on anyway. I am so proud of you all for making it to the return of PIC today. In the words of Prod, “Large or small, the collective stands tall.” For the People!

Commander in Chief