Sidies Gala Event Recap (2 Year Anniversary Parade)

Attention People’s Imperial Confederation:

Today, October 17, 2021 is a momentous day in our history. On this very day two years ago the glorious People’s Imperial Confederation was formed by Sidie9. This army has weathered thick and thin and has still remained strong, and held a consistent base of dedicated troops, many of which have been present in this army for a year or more.

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Together Through All Time: 2 Years of the Confederation

Greetings Confederates and the broader community,

What a journey this has been! The 17th of October marks the second year anniversary of the People’s Imperial Confederation community. This army has achieved so much and become something really special, something I would’ve never foreseen on one seemingly insignificant day in 2019. So many memories have been made in this amazing community that myself and so many others now call our home, our little space in the vast and sprawling place we call the internet.

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[EU] Champions Cup VI Round One

Hello, Confederates!

Today we logged onto Sleet, Club Penguin Rewritten, to face off against the Water Vikings in Round One of the Champions Cup VI tournament. We had a lot of fun battling it out today, and, if you attended, I hope you did too.

Those who attended earned the exclusive Medal of Excellence, an award available for this tournament only. This award signifies participation in this tournament. You can earn this award if you do not have it already by attending our next tournament battle on Friday, October 15, against the Red Ravagers!

Medal of Excellence Recipients From Today’s Battle:
– Aidan
– Cabin
– ChilledNico
– Lizzie
– Maya
– Mummy
– RaiRai
– Sam
– Sarus
– Slick
– Ugly

Max: 11

[US] – PIC Tactical Parade

Greetings Comrades,

Yesterday the Confederation was due to face off against the Templars in a practice battle, with the Templars deciding to cancel on us only an hour before the event was supposed to take place. Despite this we decided to continue with our event and held a parade throughout the island, performing extraordinarily with great tactics and a turnout of 13 members online. Thank you to all those who attended! Be sure to attend the first round of the Champions Cup VI against WV at 3:00PM EST later today.

Maximum Size – 13

Room 1 – Town

Room 2 – Dock

Room 3 – Stadium

Until next time!

Creator and First Secretary

[EU] – Purple Takeover

Hey PIC!

Today our lovely 2ic Lizzie logged us on for our Purple Takeover event. She led incredibly in our voice chat as we dressed in our favorite purple outfits. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to Lizzie for leading and Cabin for hyping the chat!

Max 7

Until Next Time!

PIC Chairwoman and Commander-in-Chief

[US] – Propeller Parade!

Hey Comrades!

Today we logged on to Ascent, Town for our Propeller Parade! This event was so much fun and a huge success with 14 members in attendance. I’d like to welcome our new recruit MoonDust107 who joined us during our event today! Make sure to tell them how awesome they are. I hope you all have a good rest of your day!

Dear DMT, AfgSky is a PIC veteran who was not in uniform

Room One: Town

Room Two: Game Room

Room Three: Cove

Until Next Time!

PIC Commander-in-Chief and Chairwoman

[EU] – Fair Frenzy!

Good-day Comrades! Today (or it may be yesterday depending on your timezone) we logged onto Marshmallow, Stadium to compete in our very own Fair Frenzy, a training-type event based around tactics. Although we did run into some difficulties (NUMBER NIN TEEN MOUSE IN BAKED BEANS) we did manage to max 8 during this event! Thanks to all who came and thanks to me for leading (and being in a crocodile costume, which originally wasn’t planned).


This post was written by Elizabeth a PIC 2ic & the Aria General.

The Fair 2021 (Club Penguin Rewritten): Guide

Hello, Confederates!

On September 25, The Fair party was released on Club Penguin Rewritten. During this party, you can play exclusive minigames and earn tickets! The locations of things during this party can be confusing, so let me help you.


You can earn this party’s exclusive background at the Ski Village, and clicking on the camera while you are there. The location of the camera can be seen in the image below!


There are two locations in the game where you can play minigames to earn tickets! The first, and easiest location to get to is the Forest!

Minigames located at the Forest: Memory Card Game, Puffle Paddle

The other location is a bit harder to go to. Firstly, you want to go to the Dock. Then you will want to go to where the arrow is pointing in the image below.

By going in the direction of the arrow in the image below, you will be led into the second location with minigames. This room is called the Game Room.

Minigames located at the Game Room: Ring The Bell, Puffle Shuffle


You can redeem prizes with regular tickets at a booth located in the Forest, imaged below.

You can redeem prizes with golden tickets at a booth located in the Game Room, imaged below.


There are a few secret locations throughout the map during The Fair 2021, including the Game Room previously mentioned. Another secret room is the Wagon Wheel, which can be accessed by going in the direction of the arrow in the image below.

Another secret location can be found if you go right of the Puffle Shuffle booth in the image above! Hint: It is a futuristic/space-age version of the Town! I’d recommend checking it out because it looks pretty cool.


There are some free items you can get during this party. One of these is the Blue Propeller Cap, which can be found at the Town. Where in the town you can get them is shown in the image below.

The final two free items can be found in the same room and are relatively similar themselves. One of these items is the Box Costume while the other is the Box Shoes. The room they are in is called the Whacky House. This room can be accessed through the Snow Forts and, while there, by going in the direction of the arrow in the image below.

Once you are at the Whacky House, you can get the free items by clicking at where the arrows are pointing in the image below.


I hope this guide helped you! Have a great time at The Fair 2021. So far, I have had an amazing time.

Invasion of Half Pipe [Freeland]: SUCCESS

How’s it going Confederates?

Yesterday we have logged on Ascent for the invasion of Golden Troop’s ex-capital since they decided to shut down, rather fortunate for us. We’ve managed to hit the minimum amount of penguins online, ensuring us a successful invasion of Half Pipe. Thanks to all troops that participated in this invasion, and hopefully Golden Troops are very happy seeing their ex-capital get invaded by their worst enemy.

Max: 8

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Your Pullout Game is Weak

Hi! We’re back!

Golden Troops published a post so our leadership took the liberty of summarizing it all for you:
“PIC broke the rules by calling Noka a pedo when he has demonstrated ill behavior towards children in the past and we also admit that we have broken rules so we’re leaving CPAN” – GT Leadership

After experiencing total defeat by the People’s Imperial Confederation in The Fall Apart War; Golden Troops have rage quit CPAN and surrendered all of their land. PIC victory!

In their poorly written post, Golden Troops state that PIC broke CPAN’s Common Terms of Engagement. Let’s look into that.

In order for that tactic (or any of our tactics) to be violating CPAN’s rules involving race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation: Golden Troops/Post Malone Army would need to admit that pedophilia is Will’s race, religion, or sexuality. Considering they’re all in denial and that’s one of the reasons why we are at war, I will assume nothing has changed. Until then however, we didn’t insult Will’s race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation because Golden Troops (and Will) have denied all claims. However, after being the bigger person we haven’t done any tactics related to Will’s actions in over a month which is why GT conveniently blacked out the date in that screenshot. Moving on.

In addition to that claim, Golden Troops state that a good portion of our victorious battles were invalid due to judging terms.

I think we can all agree that the judging terms in our declaration of war were a little too specific and difficult to abide by, we sincerely apologize to every CPAN judge for that. Throughout the entirety of the war CPAN staff has worked hard to respect our terms as much as possible so we could all be judged fairly and have a fair war. PIC were the ones who declared war with those terms though and we were happy with all of the efforts CPAN staff were making to respect our war terms, it wasn’t exactly what we wanted but it was good enough for us. There were only like three non-affiliated judges in the whole organization so it was hard to respect that specific term. Regardless of war terms CPAN is an organization and they have the right to go above war terms that are too hard to accommodate. However, PMA denied judges regardless of affiliation to the point where CPAN had to make rules limiting the amount of judge rejections per battle. It was getting ridiculous and CPAN judges worked ’round the clock to accommodate the needs and wants of both armies. However, Ice Warriors (whose members judged quite a bit of our battles) are allied with both the People’s Imperial Confederation and Golden Troops. Considering PMA was a proxy full of dual enlisted GT troops, we consider Ice Warriors’ judging to be neutral. The only reason PMA/GT are mad about this term is because it’s just something for them to whine about. If they had been declared the victors of those mentioned battles then they wouldn’t be complaining about affiliated judges. This is only being brought up in an attempt to invalidate our victory.

Even if we did invalidate each of the listed battles though, the People’s Imperial Confederation would still be the winners of the Fall Apart War with a war score of 5-2. So, Golden Troops your argument is invalid anyways.

Instead of facing our army head on and battling us, Golden Troops have put all of their war efforts into whining, complaining, and finding ways out of this war. That is their legacy and how they will be remembered when people think back to The Fall Apart War and The War of Rusting Hope. GT/PMA had every opportunity to battle us, schedule invasions, and use allies if necessary but they chose to complain instead; and in the end it was their downfall as an army.

As the Golden Troops flee from the CPAN map, the People’s Imperial Confederation accepts their surrender and claim victory of The Fall Apart War and The War of Rusting Hope with a combined war score of 15-2.


The Treaty of Fool’s Gold

Due to the surrender of Golden Troops in The War of Rusting Hope, Golden Troops is sentenced to a force treaty.

1.) The Golden Troops must admit PUBLICLY to losing the war (either via website post or announcement) (wait you already did)
2.) Any members who had been enlisted in the Golden Troops from the beginning of this war on August 19th, 2021 and moving forward are not able to invade or assist in invasions of any territories possessed the People’s Imperial Confederation or any of their allies (Templars, Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors). If members of the Golden Troops are seen present within these invasions, it will be considered an automatic victory for the defending army.
3.) Any members who had been enlisted in the Golden Troops amidst this war since the declaration on August 19th, 2021 and moving forward are not able to defend or assist in defenses of any territories against the People’s Imperial Confederation or any of their allies (Templars, Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors). If members of the Golden Troops are seen present within these invasions, it will be considered an automatic People’s Imperial Confederation victory.
4.) This treaty will follow Golden Troops regardless of any possible merges, colonizations, name changes, etc.
5.) This treaty ends on January 20, 2022
6.) As the victorious army, the People’s Imperial Confederation will determine if any of the above terms are broken, and if actions are deemed to be against the treaty both armies shall resume this state of war against each other.
7.) Any attempts at finding loopholes will not be tolerated. If it is determined that a term has been deliberately avoided the treaty shall be broken as well, refer to the consequences laid out in Clause 6.


Force treaties are forced for a reason and we don’t need Golden Troops approval. Unfortunately for Golden Troops, this major loss will follow them wherever they end up. Their surrender is pathetic, laughable and they look like jokes and sore losers. Easy win for us!

For The People!!