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Brawl of the Blue: AUSIA Arena Summer Edition Week 1 [RESULTS]

Greetings Confeds!

The People’s Imperial Confederation logged on for our first proper battle in CPA’s AUSIA Arena Summer Edition (2023). Despite facing off against a much larger foe, we stood our ground on the server Klondike for the duration of the battle. Maxing around 11 troops online with more streaming in throughout the showdown, we did our best to show the Water Vikings that we weren’t an opponent to be overlooked. Although we lost the battle 3-0-0, I am so incredibly proud of those who attended as well as the High Command and moderators who worked towards today’s amazing turnout. I have faith that we will come back even stronger for our coming battles against DV and SWAT. For The People!

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Thank you once again to everyone who came! It’s time to secure some victories in the coming weeks.

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