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Introduction of Rockstar1819

P.S.: I haven’t made up my mind while writing this. However, despite this impromptus post; I have yet to introduce myself. I hope you al least bear with me.

In actuality, I am a proud veteran of Club Penguin armies of 5 years. Coming back surely brings alot of memories. But these moments—frozen in time are like artifacts treasured in preservation of history. What I love about this community is being in various armies and making new friends. This stint, at present, seems a new hope for me after 2 years of being retired. Despite this, I never given in hopes of discovering more. Craving for more, seeking a forseeable opportunity in this new breathtaking adventure.

Brief history:

I joined the Army of Club Penguin as a Private somewhere around Christmas of 2013, or New Year’s of 2014. Seems quite a bit nostalgic, ey? My first run in CPA was memorable. Joining ACP was the best choice I had. Unfortunately, I was inactive until July of 2014 when I began my journey then later on, a moderator. Adjusting in these new times weren’t so easy back then unlike now. Then, joined Teutons, lead by Earthing and Brigade3 at the time; as a moderator and later HICOM in their first incarnation until November 2014 when they merged with Rebel Penguin Federation and as a Colonel, lowest mod rank at the time. However, I left RPF to focus on ACP as a 3rd in command and those 6 months were really sweet; a dream of mine achieved and retiring June 2015. Despite being retired during the latter half of the year. I briefly joined Water Vikings as 3ic although again left. In October of 2016 for a second run as once again 3ic, haha. Co-lead along with Jet Nugget (An ACP Vet and Legend like me) under the leadership of Super Edwin/Holly8857 and King Mondo7. One of the most awesome stints I had personally and retired during the closure of Club Penguin. My rank at this time was ACP AUSIA Divisional leader, 8th and its final leader. Two years passed on and here I am now rejoining for a third stint as your PIC 2ic. The rest as they say is history.

What do you think about the performance we had lastweek?

Awesome. I don’t have any words to day aside from moving forward. Just like life, we should keep going. This is just the new beginning of a new chapter and you’re a part of my story. Hence, you are reason why I made this kind of post. Keep up the good work! We could do better and fight or our cause. We could avert disaster if the will to keep on is strong! Until then.

-Silhouette/Rockstar1819, PIC Commissar, Gobernadorcillo of Below Zero