Viva Victory! Great Work!

Greetings, Friends.

Well, what can I say, fine PIC patriots? We did wonderful today throughout our training event on CPR’s Sleet! We maxed a little over 10 soldiers at certain points, and we averaged at least 8-9 throughout. You all did spectacular work of following orders, and our morale has never been as high as of now! A reward system is coming soon to an army near you, as well! 😉




Oh, and by the way, we AGAIN ended an event with helping a ragtag faction of drillers TIP THE ICE BERG once more. See, we do care about the masses!

An official post detailing PIC’s socialist guiding principles is soon to be published, as well! Stay tuned for more information on it. 🙂

Until next time, take care, Friends!

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