Great Triumph; Parka Acquired!

Greetings, Friends.

Every day, you make the command prouder and prouder, as your dedication to the People’s Cause and good tactics go a long way in securing a better place for this army and, indeed, the overall CP Warfare Community! We conquered Parka via a proxy location, and we may have secured a new soldier, at least as a loyalist within the server of Sleet! Anyhow, we also visited out dear leader’s well-designed igloo midway through the event, and we had a blast overall. Thanks to all who showed up! Also, I am finally getting close to working on our Organizing Principles paper, too!

My real-life schedule is about to get busier, by the way, but alas, I will always be here whenever I can, and you guys will have a greater High Command overall, even when I am not here! Long live the Red Cause, and Viva the People! 🙂

Until next time, take care, Friends!

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