Our #TeamTrees Event: Save The Trees!

Hey Beautiful People!

We had an amazing event today, one that was dedicated to the #TeamTrees movement, aiming to plant 20 million trees! We also have a few members of our army in Brazil which is heavily effected by the ongoing Amazon fires, and so this event meant a bit more to them than others. We had a great time with a fantastic showing! We maxed 13 and averaged 12-10, and our tactics were really impeccable. I’m happy all of you could show up, it was great seeing you! Our next event is on Monday, so enjoy a nice Sunday break.

Remember to save the trees y’all! If you have a dollar to spare, maybe consider donating it to https://teamtrees.org/! A tree will be planted for every dollar donated, so your money will be going to an admirable cause.


PIC Commander in Chief

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