PICCP Week In Review [#2]

Monday: On Monday Nov 4th, we cancelled our event Monday due to confusion brought about by daylight savings time. We counteracted this by moving our events one hour back, allowing a earlier time for many of our troops.

Tuesday: On Tuesday Nov 5th, our troops held an invasion of TGTCPs server Bunnyhill from a proxy location on CPR. During this event we absolutely destroyed TGT maxing ten and averaging nine. We did an excellent job destroying a one man army!!!

Wednesday: On Wednesday Nov 6th, We allowed our troops another day to rest and enjoy time off from events!!

Thursday: On Thursday Nov 7th, a great tragedy occurred. During our Rockband Parade we were raided by ACP. Clearly outnumbered we tried to make nice with the larger army with a, “Hi McHappy.” tactic. This same man ordered his troops to attack us. We fought valiantly while we could being forced to retreat twice. We maxed ten and averaged eight. Remember the lighthouse comrades!!!

Friday: On Friday Nov 8th, we logged in for our “Why Does ACP Exist,” in response to their raiding of our rockband event the day prior. We maxed 11 and averaged 10, performing tactics beautifully. You made us all proud comrades!!

Saturday: On Saturday Nov 9th, our troops logged in for a #teamtrees event honoring Mr. Beast planting 20 million trees in the amazon. This was one of our best events yet we maxed 13 and averaged 12!!!! Also on this day our second ever Comrade Ivan Award winner was announced, congratulations Caio!!!!

Sunday: Today we held another break day, wish Eva luck on her exams!!!! Be prepared for more fun events this upcoming week, don’t miss our Surfs Up Parade tomorrow!!!

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