Come Fly With Me! (Propeller Hat Parade)

Greetings Comrades!

Max: 19
Average: 16

Today was another fantastic day for the People’s Imperial Confederation! We logged onto Marshmallow on Club Penguin Rewritten, equipping our propeller hats to take flight! We began in the town, floating from the town to the dock, eventually finishing at the beach. After warming up, we performed strongly with great tactics and formations (we finally managed to make a + at the beach, unlike last time). With a max of 19, this new generation of the Confederation has once again topped our record for penguins online! Our General-polkovnik Emma had her brother attend, who would later become a nuisance when he joined our Discord server. Lucas, you are not an all star. I am shaking my head. Thank you all for attending, For The People!

PIC Chairwoman

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