The People Push Forward: PIC’s Organizing Principles

Greetings, Friends.

     For those who may not know who I am, I will say that, over the years, I have gone by multiple cyber-aliases, beginning with keyboard-smashed Xgthrecgtejm and eventually moving on to Worror Dowmat and Proditor even after that. If you want, you also can now just call me Xg, or David (my actual name). As my mind almost never quite seems to be quite set on what it is I really want to do in life, I always seem to be in search of a better me. In many ways, our online confederation, thankfully, already is commanded by individuals who know themselves and their dreams very well, which is why I say that I am honored to be dear allies and pals with our three extraordinary leaders, Eva, Manu, and LuckyLuigi. Anyhow, though, as a broader collective, we recognize that we are still young with a lot of room to expand even more as friends, team-members, and participants of a community that, even after 13 years of near-continuous existence, still has yet to find its complete meaning. 

     Take, for example, that we very recently nearly had to indefinitely say farewell to a fine, pragmatic, and all-around good guy, our own LuckyLuigi. As well, there is a blatant setback for community-wide correspondence in the sense that Club Penguin-related armies have since-fractured into not two, but three separate sub-jurisdictions, each with its own varying perks and, dare I say, problems as well. CPAM and CPW both extend themselves over multiple CPPS’s, yet their direct army warfare platforms nominally sit unused, while our core recruiting operations centers on CPR remain largely hostile to us on a whole host of levels, and. Too, there is, of course, the CPOAL, which makes building armies much easier with supportive admins, but at one regrettable price: Generally, no one within that Army League may operate their forces on any other CPPS. I will, in good nature, not talk much more about CPOAL at this time. We sincerely hope that, while all 3 broad arenas seem ever-expanding at this point in time, the growth of activity and constructive conduct remains genuine and long-lasting. After all, we are ourselves an organization made by and for the people. With that being said, things must change. Yes, it is in every Communo-Confederate Soldier’s mind and heart to bring a new golden age of mutual prosperity to the lands of the cyber-realm. If we are to truly succeed in our mission, of course, a few things must be set straight. Said matters are, from here on out, the unconditional truths of our proud lands. And certainly, we will, for as long as CPPS’s are still a thing, stand by these resolute values. Without further ado, comrades, friends, and foes alike, I present to you the Four Eternal Principles for the People: Socialism, Meritocracy, Honesty, and the Liberation of Club Penguin Private Servers.


     From the onset of this army and its progressive campaign, we have already tentatively been revolving around far-left ideation. Yet, to make this positive spirit more practical, and to dispel some of this perhaps fancy jargon at hand, what we are really saying is that love and brotherhood/sisterhood are paramount to PIC’s heart and mind, Indeed, to go further, as an extension of that topic, I will establish this: all Confederation members, direct comrades and friends/allies alike will always be treated with the equal amount of respect and compassion. And, if they themselves go against prosocial operatives, they’ll ultimately be, within reason, forgiven and treated mercifully. It is admittedly true that in real life, socialism is initially about satisfying a person’s most-basic needs before moving on to helping the masses evolve to be their best-possible selves. 

     Yet unfortunately, we cannot possibly fulfill the socialist call to action within the context of Discord, blogging websites, and CPPS’s. Given the loose essence of our online identities and the still-limited time we all have to seriously commit to this internet-based calling, we have “Confederation” in our title for a very valid and necessary reason. Nevertheless, we will commit ourselves to a project bigger than our own selves; we will create a safe and nurturing environment for all of our counterparts from the entirety of possible backgrounds, cognitive qualities, and personal belief systems. All the while, we’ll make consistent contributions to real-life charities and funds intended to right the exceedingly-many wrongs around the planet. Yes, we are fundamentally collectivistic where it matters the most: The needs of the many outweigh those of a select handful, but too, individual evolution and happiness is in no way to be discouraged in the People’s Imperial Confederation, as the two mantras ultimately can feed each other in a positive loop. Here, it is the “People” part of PIC’s name that is well-reflected in the first organizing principle of our group. 

     And thus, from here till the end of CPPS Warfare, we are all to be treating one another as ultimate equals in the struggle of life, even if many of us aren’t actually in need of more basic things like enough food, water, shelter, etc. If any PIC member does in fact ever come to need certain lower-order met, we’ll do as much as possible, within constraints of identity protection, to make their conditions more-reasonable, especially in the form of advocating for a more-humane societal system at large. Never forget, that as a family of all-unique and inherently-worthy people, cyber-socialism that truthfully is ambient, or overarching, can make us accomplish what few before us have done before!

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In PIC, because we can’t all be knowing of everything, and some individuals are admittedly, at least in the present-moment, wiser than others, we admittedly must regularly come to a broad and democratic consensus on who currently is most intelligent amongst us. From here on out, we will allow for the beneficence-based distribution of decision-making on crucial and complex matters to, for a time, fall mostly on the shoulders of those in PIC most-qualified to handle the stressors and great responsibilities said problem-solving demands. 

     As well, certain extra-order economic facets, such as nitro giveaways, will occasionally occur to reward extraordinary individuals in the Confederation who display great zeal and in-game activity to bolster the People’s Cause. Meritocracy here is based largely on the spur-of-the-moment, and is one feature meant to make the atmosphere here at PIC more-enjoyable for the masses with a very limited degree of competition that will go a long way of strengthening resolve of the many individuals partaking in this army.  And thus, here the spirit of additional reward based on constructive gamification will shine a light forward for the community around us, too. Fun is a higher-order drive that will simply NOT be disregarded within our group, and we hope to spread more of it to our cyber-society throughout time as well. 😉

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     Well, this one is seemingly self-explanatory, and admittedly, my summary of it will be rather small. Yet, in reality, a few implications of carrying out honesty in practice must be established. Legitimate information is a vital organ of any functional social democracy, and as such, we will not hide secrets from each other in ways that jeopardize the people’s good standing and well-being. Too, we won’t stand for blatant deception, within our organization or in the CPPS warfare community as a whole. Without sincere distribution of the facts as they truly occurred, the rise of tyranny becomes so much more likely. Despite what many may believe about socialism, we are, yes, democratic at heart, and thus, we will always push, inside our army and out, for honesty and transparency.

     As well, intelligence is ultimately built upon being able to see objective reality for what it is, and PIC is and will always stand for the increasing smarts of this community. As we collectively get closer and closer to a brilliant and centralized government protecting the interests of CPPS Warfare, the joint existence of honest leaderships and intelligent leaderships will ultimately amplify each other even further. This is nothing less than a win-win for everyone.

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Liberation of Club Penguin Private Servers:

Well, where do I begin with this lofty goal? We, indeed, revolve around an overall belief in love’s triumph over malignant acts, and, as recent recent years in the CPPS network suggest, there is a grave lack of love in the air. I don’t want to name specific culpits and instigators of said decadence here, but beyond the warm exterior of the CPAM community atmosphere, problems with ethical decision-making are plenty. We do not, in fact, at PIC, inherently stand on the side of empire-building for the greedy sake of power, but rather to free the masses of these troubled online lands through centralized conduct. In the end, we will NOT allow certain figures to continue to oppress and mistreat innocents, and the severity of these times is the ONLY reason why there is a “PIC” holding together in these collective and not just “People’s Confederation.” As it would be, once those unethical heads in the larger CPPS community are defeated by whatever moral ways necessary, there will NO LONGER be an “I” in our name. We sincerely believe, though, that in this era of turbulence on so many fronts, there must be a sort of cultural autocracy around. This, of course, is the unwavering commitment to love and freedom for all people. For as long as evil is in this world, PIC will never cease to spread socialism to ALL LOCATIONS. What can I say now, comrades, other than Viva Victory?


If you’re still with me by now, compatriots, I just want to remind you all, you are loved mainly for who you are and not so much for what you can or can’t do. I, for example, as an autistic young man, cannot seem to speak in simpler words, yet I know in my heart that NO ONE, neurodivergent or otherwise, is unworthy of fundamental rights to personal freedom and happiness itself. As a team, we are most certainly supreme, and of course, FOR THE PEOPLE! And on a parting note, it is the people of Club Penguin Warfare who will see not the beginning of the end of good times, but rather just the end of the beginning of a golden tomorrow…

Until next time, take care, Friends!



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