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On The Front Lines – The First Battle

My Beloved Comrades,

Today we embarked on a mission of justice and honor. The ACP, Chaos Army of CP aswell as many of their small conglomerates had declared war on our closest ally the RPF. We decided that we would side with honor and justice and stand at their side today. Immediately we issued a declaration of war beating them to the punch, for once in our history WE set the terms and WE came out ahead. We logged onto Tuxedo to help our RPF brothers. We fought through technical difficulties, overwhelming odds to help our comrades retain their beloved capital and put us on the righteous side of history. Whether it be beating the PZF and OMA out of the room, or facing the much larger Chaos Army we did not falter. We stood strong as we always do and battled our heart out with courage and commitment.


Max: 10
Average: 8

Commander in Chief

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