The Confederation’s Response to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

Dear whom it may concern,

Please listen to the following for the full reading experience:

Hello. I am Sidie9, Chairwoman and Commander in Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation. Recently, the Recon Federation of Penguin Game has issued some odd sort of ultimatum towards the Confederation, as well as our allies the Lime Green Army, in order to cease RFCP raids of our events. Below is the apparent ultimatum as follows, directly quoted from The Commander Bumble Blog:

PIC: Transfer Beanie (CPR) to us (we’re boutta invade it anyway, good luck) in a formal treaty in which you, in writing, apologize for your disrespect to Prior Bumble and the RFCP and admit submission.

Bumble Blog, Bumblations 2:21

RFCP has raided many of our regular events, including training sessions, recruitments and fun events. When I came back to help re-establish the PIC, I made it clear to all that PIC will not make any contact with RFCP, as Sir Bumble had made it clear that he did not want former RFCP soldiers including myself, Emma and Phoebe in his life. We wanted nothing to do with RFCP either, so we kept a large distance.

Without being prompted, the Bumble Army began raiding our events. This took us by surprise and we were confused. We eventually joined the Rosea Coalition, but after continuous attempts to doxx Prior Bumble took place, the Confederation dropped out. In the lifetime of the Confederation, and even prior to PIC being re-established, no current member of the PIC has ‘disrespected’ Mr Prior or RFCP. As a result, the term for us to apologize for [our] disrespect to Prior Bumble and the RFCP is heavily ironic, considering you initiated raids and disrespect of PIC soldiers.

You’ve reiterated “you know what you did”. No. The Confederation and no one in it has done anything to disrespect RFCP or anyone in it, and as such your term for us to apologize is really sad. You’ve made fun of Oli at raids for crying at raids. Sha has made comments in the past in effect insulting me for being transgender. You call PIC ‘pathetically vile’ among other things. You’ve been more than disrespectful with the things you say at your raids. We’ve done nothing.

I’d be happy to have the Confederation show up to your Invasion of Beanie if it means the end of RFCP raids and both armies leaving each other alone. However, if that is not the case, RFCP can take Beanie. This is a penguin game. Oh no, they’re attacking our virtual server, I feel horrible is not the reaction you’re receiving. PIC will not consider an apology without RFCP apologizing to us themselves.

Is that clear? Okay, good. Let’s go back to vibing. Listen to this next track for the full experience.

For the people. Viva victory.

Chairwoman of the Confederation

One thought on “The Confederation’s Response to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

  1. A wise person once said:

    “Your best stories will come from your struggles. The seeds of your successes are in your failures. Your praises will be birthed from your pains. KEEP STANDING. I have never seen a storm last forever. Seasons change.”

    We’ll get through this commotion as one, indeed, and our minds and hearts will come out of this phase of conflict stronger than ever before.

    So proud to be a member of this true collective. For eternity, VIVA VICTORY! 🙂


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