As a Greater Team, We Will All be Supreme: PIC’s Call to Protective Community Action Against RFCP’s Aggression:

Greetings, Friends.

“Waddle around and meet new friends.” We’ve heard this kind-spirited slogan for quite some time, especially in an arguably-brighter past, when much of the competition within our gaming network was essentially, and truly as such, for the sake of making new friends and throwing snowballs around

Yes, for a great many years, Club Penguin Armies has seen much promise in the areas of progressing our cyber-civilization along; we originally came together with the first warfare United Nations around 2008, which was meant to keep the overall spirit of our cherished game light, loose, and open to free development for all prospective people and clubs of real merit and talent. Eventually, not long afterwards, the first majorly-successful community-wide news source, CPAC, came around to effectively provide the beginnings of governance, cohesion, and, in more-concrete avenues, motivating things like universally-respected top tens and inspirational tournaments for all walks of army life to partake in. Even in the face of attacks from toxic outsiders such as “I am the Walrus” hackers to the raiding Purple Republic, we persevered and came together as one when the time was right to ultimately smash adversity in its face. Perhaps no tall task was as grave as OG Club Penguin’s declining popularity and eventual March 2017 collapse. And yet, though uncertain eras followed from this point afterwards, countless heroic forces from the past gradually returned, ranging from ACP to Help Force and, dare I say, recently Elmikey himself. Through the victory of passion and the drive to make our collective organization once more a shining park for all, we arguably are as strong as ever. 

Alas, even as the game itself powers its muscles throughout real-life turbulence and angst, we People’s Confederates come to you good people now in less-than-ideal circumstances. The Recon Federation, under Prior Bumble’s directive, has tragically succumbed to the malignant forces of selfishness and rage. Following what should have remained a personal unease and eventual resolution between our leader Eva and Prior, RFCP has taken upon itself to act on behalf of destructive urges. Furthermore, after a limited degree of malaise within the ACP during the recent World War Rewritten’s waning hours, the Recons have gone out of their way to portray their strained ex-allies as backstabbers and manipulators because, in truth, of a short-term mistake on the Army’s part. The Recon Federation group is, for lack of better words, hellbent on waging a phoney-indignant crusade to wreck a large swath of our still-burgeoning community. All of this hatred and raiding really is just a means for RFCP to prop themselves up as de-facto kings of a hollowed out and shredded remnant of Club Penguin Armies. 

They take a grain of truth to grey matters and inflame it with toxicity, distortions, and ill-spirited exaggerations. RFCP’s command is eager to portray themselves as victims whenever things don’t go their own self-centered and childish way, even as they themselves perpetuate a terror and bullying-laced campaign to entirely bring down our admittedly-still fragile PIC club. They relentlessly, under Prior Bumble’s lead, hound us at our events, and our ignore buttons will not go so far when trying to keep the larger amount of our collective calm and emotionally-secure in these trying times. 

To make matters worse, the Recons chronically vandalize our good-natured and otherwise bonding-based Scribble events, giving us few outlets to keep our broader psyche intact. We humbly come to you all to admit a grave and stark reality: The People’s Imperial Confederation may not be able to endure the onslaught of hostility and disruptive raiding for many more weeks. We have never intentionally done anything to publicly attack Prior Bumble and RFCP, and even now, our cause is sincerely one of defence and benevolence: We do not wish to reciprocate this hatred and venom by bringing the fight to their own organization. Rather, we want the facts to speak for themselves, in the name of honesty.  Too, our drive is for CPA as a whole to prosper and love itself for the glorious and entertaining feat it really is.  Yes, it may be the PIC today that breaks from the wave of attacks and chaos, but it could be many more groups deemed unworthy of existence by the Recon Federation that fall from the viciousness tomorrow. We will go down protecting our brothers and sisters from the aggression of the Recon Federation, alone if we must. However, it doesn’t have to be a growing breakdown of affectionate competition and the demise of the network’s constructive ambition that inevitably follows. 

Indeed, The PIC of CPR and Penguin Saloon plead with you to stand with us against the Recon-facilitated Standing Powers Syndicate, for an even-better tomorrow of the beloved game. In return for your support and friendship in this dark hour and our time of utmost need, you will ALWAYS have pals in us, and as for whatever resources we maintain and eventually gain, you will always have a substantial share in the fruits of our struggles. To this end, we will come to as many of your events as possible, and in good nature, we will help you out from now onward, even if, at this time, you do not decide to assist the PIC in the defence of its sovereignty. We want you all to succeed and thrive, even if we ourselves cannot continue to operate as a healthy hole from the reign of oppression by the opposition. All we ask is that you please consider the contents of this letter for some period of time, and know that the will of the community to survive and thrive must, can, and WILL go on, especially if we stand together in love against the grim reality of hate. 

Thank you all so much for your time. We love you, and we firmly believe in our hearts and minds that the best days of the CPPS and Army communities are still ahead of ourselves.

With best regards, so generations ahead of us can continue on to waddle around and meet new friends!


(This picture was found on

David “Xgthrecgtejm,” AKA Proditor, PIC Congress of Soviets.
Attai, PIC Kommandant.

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