To the Community

To our fellow community members,

On behalf of the People’s Imperial Confederation, we sincerely apologize. We apologize for the lack of action on our part regarding the unacceptable behavior of former member and leader, Luca AKA LuckyLuigi. As of the 11th of May, 11:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, the person in question has been stripped of all roles and banned from the People’s Imperial Confederation. Had our HICOM known about the intolerable actions of this individual, we would not have allowed them to take shelter in our server any longer. We were not aware of a server dedicated to exposing the private information of several individuals as well. After viewing the evidence displayed in RFCP’s latest blog post, we are deeply saddened and ashamed of Luca’s behavior. Despite our personal differences, the Commanders and HICOM of PIC would like to extend our apologizes to Sha, 3ic of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin for the malice aimed towards her family. The People’s Imperial Confederation does not condone doxxing or bullying of any kind.

To add to this, we would like to inform the community that proven doxxers such as Anonting, have been permanently banned from our server. The HICOM of PIC would also like to apologize for the behavior of former 2ic Kat for her insensitive and inappropriate behavior on social media. Upon being asked to formally apologize, she declined and was stripped of her roles and left the server soon after. We would also like to report that Cobra, a former member of our advisory board, has been stripped of his roles and removed from the People’s Imperial Confederation due to his impermissible behavior and refusal to issue a sincere apology.

We would again like to apologize for the toxicity of these individuals’ behavior inside and outside of the Club Penguin Armies community. The actions of the people mentioned in this letter do not represent the views of the Commanders, troops, or the People’s Imperial Confederation as a whole. Our goal as an army and a community is to promote a positive environment and offer a home to all who enter. Thank you.





Commanders in Chief

5 thoughts on “To the Community

  1. “We were not aware of a server dedicated to exposing the private information of several individuals as well.”

    First off, I would like to address the quote above. This is a false allegation. There was no server dedicated to exposing the private information of people. The server in question was called “Chill,” and as the server name infers, it was a place for my friends and I to chill and keep in touch as I began slowly stepping away from the army community to focus on real life matters. Before I left, the server was raided by RFCP members, and ironically private/personal information was shared about me during their raid.

    For anyone reading this comment, please understand that many have conspired against me behind closed doors. I never claimed to be an angel; only a flawed human. And I apologize for my transgressions, because I know they are many.

    PIC, I love you all, and I understand the order that HCOM issued & executed as a response to my inexcusable actions. There are no hard feelings whatsoever. Tymatt, I never met you, but I am sure you will fill my shoes well.

    Final response/remark:
    “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

    Long live the people,

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