Against the Tide of Oblivion, Confederation Comrades Capture Wool Socks [RESULTS]

Greetings, Friends,

it has been a little while I last spoke to you dear fellows, alongside my fantastic counterpart, Attai! Since then, we, indeed regrettably pulled out of the conflict with RFCP, recognizing that the higher road to victory need not lie in military might and competitive grandeur. Rather, we see the light of the pen being, over the longer road of life, mightier than the sword, as goes the old saying. Anyhow, without me grumbling on and on about our concessions to the wise friend of mine, Prior Bumble, we’ll just cut to the chase.

Indubitably, Communo-confederate Counterparts, I hate to be the bearer of further bad news, but the truth has been out for quite some hours now, at the time of my writing this post. The future of the CPPS collectives looks admittedly grim, with the great bulk of said networks admitting to receiving DMCA’s from capitalist community-oriented Disney! Oh my, what have we gotten ourselves in the late year of 2020, comrades. Anyhow, more should come from the hicom team in the hours to come regarding our ultimate moves in what has been a roller-coaster few months for society, generally-speaking. Rest assured, beloved penguins of the bee’s knees Social Confederation, better and clear-cut times will eventually be upon us, and at that, sooner rather than later.

Okay, I am seriously digressing from what this was actually about, which is that, to begin preliminary celebrations of the life and journey of Club penguin and its cherished warfare segment, the PIC logged onto Wool Socks at around 3:00 EST today to make a move on this historical territory. if I recall, ashes of the final major battle of the legendary ACP-UMA war of spring 2007 still lie there… it is a great honor for the Social Soldiers to make a mark on this magnificent graveyard of sorts… So, without further ado, we did tactics that reflected our solemn and yet also-happy spirit. This, yes, may be one of the final operations ever conducted by any Club Penguin army, and while the sun is setting on one mmorpg network, may another rise in its place for those other online homes-away-from-home surviving in the beginning of the second millennium’s second decade.

Here are photos taken by dedicated commanders and comrades of the Collective! You all truly are wonderful human beings, regardless of what mistakes may have been made recently in our name. :3 Much love from Proditor and hicom around!


Eternally, inside and out, the PIC stands proud!

Until next time, take care, Friends!

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


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