We Rise as One! [RESULTS]

Greetings, Comrades!

On this fine EST evening, we held a you-lead tactics session on Toboggan, of the CPATG CPPS. All in all, while it was a smaller event altogether, we still had a ton of fun and managed to average and max 4. Also, we, indeed, bonded as a collective, finding fun in the smaller joys from moment to moment! Thanks to all who showed up, namely, Maya, NarcEmo, and Shazy. 🙂 Also, it shall be mentioned that, for his hard and valiant work in this collective, Shazy has been rank-elevated to Sergeant Major. Way to go on the promotion, buddy! 😀


You comrades are the best! I love you guys all so much. ❤

David “SirProditor/Xgthrecgtejm” K


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