[EU] CPATG’s Last Dance + Recruitment Event!

Greetings Comrades.

Today was quite busy for the EU division! We logged on at 7pm BST for the CPATG Last Dance event to mark the final day of CPATG. It’s been a great platform for armies for quite some time now and will be greatly missed by us here at PIC. We maxed 8 [Noob is hidden behind the rock, see the second picture].

We found out shortly afterwards that our lovely Kommandant Maya [Candycane17] has won Prom Queen for the event! She is a beloved part of the team here in HICOM and a treasured member of PIC. Congrats Maya!

We also held a recruitment event. No luck today sadly. We maxed 4 at this second event.

Thanks to y’all who made it, it was a real blast!



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