The Endgame: The Future Of The People

Hello PIC.

Over time, the People’s Imperial Confederation has become a home to many people, all of which are friends of mine. I created this army in the Red October of 2019, and when it came back in March of this year it became something I could have never imagined. Within the modern era of CPPS Armies, PIC became a staple small/medium army. After declaring independence from the Army of Club Penguin last year, we fought back with no fear. We assisted our Rebel Penguin Federation allies in World War Rewritten against the Army of Club Penguin once more, we fended off the Recon Federation, and almost won the CPAM Challengers Cup soon after. We were by no means a powerhouse in the community, but we have become an army to remember in modern history.

What matters to me however, is that we are indeed a family. Many armies claim this in an effort to seem appealing and to pander, but the people of the Confederation are genuine friends, even those who have left, and we love each other to this day. Regardless of what the future holds, I doubt this will change any time soon.

Yet despite all of the success and glory of PIC, the army has collapsed. It has been in disarray since the Challengers Cup defeat and its subsequent scandals. Within one week the Confederation had lost around half of its members, and the numbers kept dropping as each day passed. That has not changed. The entirety of the High Command became a cesspool of negativity, with almost all members becoming demotivated and disinterested. We were then assaulted on three fronts by PZF, RR and Templars in our period of recovery and all hope was seemingly destroyed. I have constantly been struggling in the confines of my mind. I feel that the Confederation should not die yet. Much of me inside doesn’t want to lose what we built and the family we have. Maybe I am desperately trying to grasp onto the ruins of something unrecoverable, perhaps the Confederation is at the point of no return. But I don’t believe I am in denial. Not yet, at least. Many days I feel like maybe it is a lost cause, seeing the demotivated High Command. It makes me want to surrender to all the odds against us. But I know I’m not alone, and we can’t give up yet.

It is with great pleasure that I appoint a new Commander in Chief of PIC to serve alongside Emma and I. Acknowledging the struggle of the Confederation, he has opted to return to the army once more. He has reignited a passion within many of us to march on into a future with light in the horizon.

Attai, also known as Rowan Alden, is hereby Commander in Chief of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Along with the return of Tyler to PIC, several notable members from the army’s history have returned (directly or indirectly), working towards securing the Confederation’s future. Recruiting will be emphasized and a requirement to ensure our prosperity. As a result, much of the army will be restructured including High Command expectations. These changes are necessary for our survival.

The Confederation has become an army to remember and a home to many. We are a family and always will be. It is now the Confederation’s Endgame Era. It is time for PIC to rise from the ashes or fight trying.

As always,
For The People,
Viva Victory!

Commander in Chief

2 thoughts on “The Endgame: The Future Of The People

  1. Eva, it has been an honor for all of us to serve with you through the entirety of the highs and lows of the Social Confederation’s existences. Indeed, what I’m going to say has been said before. But alas, it is paramount now, perhaps more so than ever before, that we keep in mind that You, Emma, and Tyler are especially gifted as social participants. Yes, this command’s core strength and heart revolves around unifying people from all walks of life and specific callings, even if the initial process of keeping the recruiting stream flowing has temporarily been stifled by negative psychological inertia. We care and feel much about the roles we play in making the broader community a stronger and happier place, which perhaps is why our progressive mission almost unraveled altogether in the midst of relentless raids and close losses in the events that followed the RFCP war. And despite what many naysayers may say, I firmly believe that time heals most wounds of the mind, because the underlying backdrop of human socialization is inherently that of cooperation and positivity. As such, a great many people will prevail and push forward even in the midst of immediate-term hardship, whether it be COVID lingering around, the shaky economy, or even, more-locally-speaking, the recent decline in CPPS interest for a myriad of analysable reasons. You, particularly, embody the spirit of recovery and never resting in times of true need in those around you. I love you a ton. PIC NOW, PIC TOMORROW, PIC FOREVER! 😉

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