Confed CP Rewritten Simon Says! [RESULTS]

Hey there PIC!

For our second event on the newly re-opened Club Penguin Rewritten, the Confederation decided to hold a Simon Says event! After doing several emote/word tactics, we headed to the Beach and began the Simon Says competition. With 14 members attending the event, Commander Emma took the role of Simon. Our fingers were glued to our keyboards awaiting Emma’s commands. The Simon Says event ended with Phoebe, NarcEmo, Felix, Celestia and myself all surviving and receiving the Simon Says Winner role on our Discord server! Beanie Coins have been given to all those who attended, and the winner of the Nitro/Robux giveaway will be announced soon. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Sam in my friggin’ igloo
PIC members eagerly awaiting Emma’s next Simon Says

Until next time!


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