PIC Blue Parade/Tactics Training [RESULTS]

Hello PIC!

We logged onto the CP Rewritten server Ascent today for our Blue Parade event today! We held this event at a different time than we usually do, which meant that many people unfortunately said that they couldn’t attend moments before the event. We took advantage of this however, meeting at the newly refurbished Ice Berg for CP Rewritten’s 4th Anniversary Party! With 10 members online, we used the event to prepare for future fun battles against other CP army groups, with tactics being performed faster and more swiftly. Unfortunately Shallissa and Supreme could not attend the event, as Sha was feeling very ill with a fever. We wish you a swift recovery and we love you! Furthermore, today is the birthday of Major Aydoon and Staff Sergeant Devin, so Happy Birthday to both of you! Be sure to check the Discord for future events.

Until next time!


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