Valentines Day Clash With The Ice Warriors! [RESULTS]

Hello PIC!

On this beautiful Valentines Day we logged onto Ascent on Club Penguin Rewritten for the first battle the Confederation has fought since our revival! Facing against our new ally, the Ice Warriors and their two divisions, we performed excellently and had a fantastic time battling our allies. With 17 members online, we outnumbered each of IW’s divisions at points which was phenomenal! We had amazing tactics and have shown that PIC is not to be messed with in battle. Expect to see the Confeds on the battlefield again in the near future! Special shoutout to Lance Corporal Caro who won the event’s Robux/Nitro giveaway, you deserve it! I’ll see you all soon, and keep an eye out for future events.

PIC waiting eagerly for the impending lag-fest.

Until next time!


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