Aquatic Realness – The PIC Bubble Ball! [RESULTS]

Hey there Confeds!

On this extravagant day we logged onto Abominable on CP Rewritten for our first PIC Bubble Ball! We got dressed in our best ocean-themed outfits and hit the Night Club, which was completely submerged in water! With 15 PIC members online, we performed several great tactics before heading to Commander Emma’s gorgeously designed igloo. We danced and bantered, having plenty of laughs along the way. We then voted on who the army believed was the best dressed – the king/queen of the Bubble Ball – and after minutes of anticipation, the winner of the vote was our amazing Kommissar Langly! Thank you to all those who came for this marvelous event, be sure to attend the practice battle with the Ice Warriors tomorrow. Sashay, away.

SWAT Creator Ganger90 visiting our fabulous ball.

Until next time!


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