For The People! People’s Imperial Confederation 1,000 Member Special

Hello Comrades!
I am here with some exciting news!

On the now historic early morning of March 11, 2021, The People’s Imperial Confederation officially hit 1,000 members in it’s Discord server!!

This announcement comes after countless hours of recruiting, dedication, love, effort, and a scary amount alt accounts lol. When PIC’s third generation began, The Congress of Soviets and veterans were all in agreement that this generation would be fully centered around love, friendship, and lots of fun. Thanks to the recruiting efforts from everyone in our newly revived army, our 150 member server doubled in size in less than 2 days. We continued those efforts daily, with dozens, sometimes even up to a hundred new members joining each day. We were beyond amazed with what we were accomplishing and the people we were meeting. Before we knew it we had created a community where players from all over the world gathered to join us as we played Roblox, Minecraft, Among Us, and of course Club Penguin. We feel with passion that through our daily efforts we are accomplishing the mission statement of this generation each day. We thank you all for helping PIC get to this point,

Although our Recruitment Bureau was just formally brought back yesterday, the mods and high command involved deserve a special shoutout for working together to recruit 200 members in 24 hours. Throughout the past two months they have all spent so much time working to build our army and maintain the friendship and love our army was built on, and thrives off of. The Commanders are beyond proud and grateful for their dedication.

Now it’s time for an invites leaderboard shoutout! (only accounts for February and March’s invites)

1.) Shallissa with 1,243 invites
2.) Phoebe with 118 invites
3.) CoffeeBean with 86 invites
4.) PieLord with 80 invites
5.) Sidie9 with 101 invites
6.) SupremeP0wer with 39 invites
7.) Maya with 30 invites

Everyone got so many! I’m so proud!

Once again, thank you so much to the leadership, staff, and high command who worked their butts off to get us here. We are so amazed by your efforts and beyond proud of what you’ve accomplished. I hope you are proud of yourselves as well. <33



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