March Madness 2021: PIC vs SWAT [RESULTS]

Good Afternoon Confederates!

Today we kicked off the very first battle of CPAHQ’s March Madness Tournament with an exciting battle against SWAT!
We battled it out on Crystal [CPR] with 15 members in attendance, all whilst filled with excitement and eagerness to win! We performed astoundingly, with fast creative tactics, neat formations, and smiles on our faces!
The battle concluded with SWAT’s victory; however regardless of the results, the Commanders are beyond proud of everyone who attended and gave it their all today!

Thank you to CPAHQ for giving us opportunity to participate in their very first tournament! We had so much fun and we hope there are more to come! And of course a special thank you to SWAT for giving us such a fun battle today!
Thanks so much again to all of our members, staff, and hicom who attended! Remember to keep an eye on our Discord to be informed of upcoming events, and as always have fun and be safe!

Until next time!!


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