Home Sweet Home: PIC Igloo Contest (Results)!

Good morning/evening/night!

Today, the PIC logged on to Abominable for a spectacular igloo contest! The theme for this contest was “Home Sweet Home”, a theme that was left up to the interpretation of the participants. We started off the event with a few tactics, where we maxed 16 members! When the igloos were ready, Commander Shallissa, Sidie, and I ventured through each participants’ igloo. It sure was tough, but we finally settled on a winner: Lieutenant Sarus! Sarus created such a lovely and cozy igloo which won them first place! Congratulations Sarus! I also want to congratulate our two runners-up, Captain Celestia and Warrant Officer Doggo (! bruh moment69420). Thank you to all who participated in this amazing event! See you next time!

Tix’s Igloo.
Pie’s Igloo!
Celestia’s Igloo.
Slick’s Igloo!
Sarus, our champion’s igloo!
Maya’s lovely garden.
E’s Igloo!
Doggo’s Igloo!

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