Bears VS Tigers: PIC Divisional Battle

Hello Comrades!

On this beautiful Saturday evening we logged onto Abominable, Club Penguin Rewritten for another Beanie Brown Bears vs Toboggan Tigers divisional battle! Our moderators led this battle, with the Tigers led by Sam, Celestia, and Pie; and the Bears led by Slick, Aydoon, and Sarus! With 15 PIC members in attendance, our moderators did an exceptional job at leading the army through fast paced tactics and formations. It was a close call, however the battle concluded with The Toboggan Tigers declared as the winner! We hope to continue to give our staff more leading opportunities through these fun divisional battles, as everyone seemed to have such a good time. Thank you so much to everyone who attended, I hope you have a good rest of your weekend!

Until Next Time!


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