CP Rewritten: Easter Egg Hunt (Full Guide)

Hey Confeds!

Though Easter Sunday has already passed, the Club Penguin Rewritten team has decided to host a fun Easter Egg Hunt with eggs scattered across the island! The rewards for the hunt are a brand new Easter Egg igloo with a gorgeous Spring-themed scenery, which you may obtain after finding all of the eggs. I have compiled images of the locations of the 8 different eggs for those who don’t have the time to hunt for themselves or are too lazy to hunt :P. Be sure to complete the hunt by the end of this week before the Easter season has ended!

Room: Town.
Room: Stadium.
Room: Ski Hill.
Room: Ski Lodge.
Room: Cove.
Room: Gift Shop.
Room: Underground Mine.
Room: Dojo Courtyard.

Once you have clicked on each of the eggs and collected them, click on the egg icon at the top-right corner of your screen to see a prompt, allowing you to obtain the exclusive new igloo and igloo environment!

I hope you found this guide helpful! Let me know if we should do more CP Rewritten post guides in the future. Until next time!


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