AUSIA Bids Farewell to Commanders Emma and Jemma.. And So Did CPR

Hello Comrades!

Tonight we had a spontaneous AUSIA event to honor Commander Emma and Jemma’s newly announced retirement. AUSIA events have always been something I really enjoy leading with the two of them so I wanted to do one final one to honor their time and dedication to the army: they are both loved greatly by PIC and we will miss them so much. After hours full of Minecraft excitement (and a drug bust that will be covered in another post), we logged onto Blizzard, CPR for a super fun event. With an incredible max of 20 PIC members: we made Emma and Jemma unbelievably proud by achieving a max of 20 for the first time in PIC’s third generation.

This event was going EXCELLENT with fun and laughs being shared among VC and #event-chat, until….

Yeahhh…. Whoops.

Some of our members were given 24 hour bans with Commander Jemma receiving a 72 hour ban because Stu hates her. #Bias

ANYWAYS: this event was definitely a historic one and one we will always remember, for a lot of reasons ❤ I hope everyone who attended enjoyed themselves just as much as I did. Remember that regardless of retirements, we are a family and nothing will EVER change that. I love you all so much! This AUSIA event demonstrated our unbelievable success and strength, and proved that Emma and Jemma’s hard work and love for PIC has paid off. To further honor their success in PIC, make sure to join us on Monday at 8 PM EST for our beautiful Commanders’ final PIC event.


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