PIC Goes to Disneyland!

Hey Comrades!

Y’all missed out on one of the most fun events/streams ever! Tonight HFG discovered an INCREDIBILY ADORABLE Disneyland remake in Minecraft and we absolutely had to try it out. Commanders Shallissa and Supreme joined our former Commanders Emma and Jemma, along with RaiRai on the server to see what it was like!

I felt like a Mom who took her child to Disneyland as I took TONS of pictures to remember the fun moments we were sharing. That, and I had to chase Rai around to make sure they got to the rides on time smh.

The rides were fully functional: music and all and we were able to sit together as we went on them. It was so much fun being able to walk around the park together and see what an amazing job the server developers did on their Disneyland replica. The best part though is that this server is completely free! We definitely want to play on it more often and collect all of the different hats and souvenirs (I want the Kermit hat) so expect some Disneyland events in the future! ALSO YOU CAN BUY AND EAT CHURROS AND THAT INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE SHARED. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to watch the stream! I love you all so much and this was the perfect end to the day of Emma and Jemma’s retirement.

gang gang
Pirates of the Caribbean!
Tower of Terror
Grizzly River Run!
Haunted Mansion! (after 20 minutes and a server restart we made it on!)
Rai violating Jemma
the train!!
Rai running to the train as we ride away
when the pirates water hits different
when someone calls you a merry man
ugh we are so cute


I will make an announcement next time we play! If you want to play on your own the IP address is mc.imaginefun.net.

Until Next Time!


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