PIC Promotions: 4/24/2021

Hello Comrades!

Today I thought I’d try something new and announce this round of HICOM promotions on our website! I had a lot to say, and this allows me to give a more detailed explanation of each members hard work that led to their promotion! I am so excited to try this out.

This week, the Confederation adjusted to a change in leadership, with Commander Phoebe’s first week as a third generation leader. Along with Phoebe, this week has been HICOM’s time to shine and show the Commanders how great they can cope with big changes, all while keeping it together and serving as great role models for our staff and members. Two of our HICOM members in particular have exceeded all of our expectations: leaving leadership absolutely stunned by their diligence, commitment, and eagerness to help out in any way they can. This week would have been a million times harder without them.

Due to their amazing leadership qualities and their desire to bring further success to PIC: The Commanders have decided to promote Kommandant PieLord and Kommandant Aydoon to Marszałek, our Leader in Training rank. They have officially skipped two HICOM ranks and are more than deserving of their new title. We hope this rank will connect them closer to leadership as they learn exactly what it takes to be a Commander, officially putting them one rank below leader. Please congratulate them on their promotion!

Due to his countless hours of mass recruiting, along with his very helpful assistance during events: Admiral Cabin has been promoted to Kommandant, officially adding him to our HICOM! Thank you for all your hard work Cabin, we appreciate you SO much.

Moving onto member promotions:
Tangerine has been promoted to Staff Sergeant!
Lexi has been promoted to Staff Sergeant!
CookieChillVibes has been promoted to Corporal
Zomb has been promoted to Corporal

That’s all the promotions we have today! Remember that members may purchase promotions using Beanie Coins which can be earned by attending events!

Until Next Time!

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