Practice Battle With Ice Warriors: 4/28

Hey Comrades!

I hope you have all had an amazing Wednesday! Today PIC members logged onto Ascent, CPR for another fun and exciting battle with our allies, the Ice Warriors! After some hyping and threats to deface main chat (#pie-sucks-chat), 15 PIC members logged on for our battle.

Shhhhh… Don’t tell Jemma

Our event was very successful and we were delighted to be joined by PIC Veteran and Former Leader Attai/Rowan Alden, who led one of our battle rooms. We were so happy to see him! General-Polkovnik (2ic) Maya led a room as well, performing creative and speedy tactics (as always <3). Lastly, Commander Supreme led a room (as he should, jk ily).

Thank you to everyone who joined us today, we appreciate you so much! Make sure to keep an eye out on our event channel to be informed of upcoming events!

Until Next Time!


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